7 Things That Make A Guy Look NEEDY B!tch


“Oh Joe… I know you’re a ‘nice guy’, but I just am not ready for anything serious yet…”

“Why?” I asked her. “We have been hanging out for over 3 months now… Just be honest with me.

She took a moment or two to answer, but then…

She finally dropped the bomb. She told me the TRUTH.

“You’re really a nice guy Joe, but… you’re just way too… um… DESPERATE.”

I’ll never forget that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

My face turned almost blue. I wanted to throw up…

What had I done wrong?

I had done everything I had learnt from the book (or that’s what I thought).

signs of a desperate guy
Kill that desperation!

I had applied almost all pickup artist tricks… and almost every so-called “seduction secrets” to try to make her obsessed about me…

But all the crap these so-called “dating gurus” and “coaches” taught me in their books and video programs?

They were all bullcrap.

How could I have been so stupid?

Where did their advice take me?

Straight to the dreaded “friend zone”, that’s where.

What piece of vital information was I missing?

Why was my desperation SO clearly obvious to her?

Let me tell you why

And no woman is going to come out and admit this straight, but…

Women can read you like they read a book.

She knows what’s going on in your mind, man.

So even if you’re trying to playing it “cool”…

You might still come across as “creepy” or “needy” or “sketchy”…Without you even having a clue about doing it!

Here are the 7 most common ways guys come across as being super needy b!tch

  • Buying a girl gifts… this could be anything from sending her flowers, or taking her out on dinner dates and drinks, or purchasing her jewelry… which looks to her like you’re trying to “buy” her affection.
  • Complimenting her immediately, even before getting to know her properly… for instance, telling her she looks beautiful, or she has a great style, or you like her dress, or she’s fun person, or she’s a cool chick, etc… all but super needy.
  • Leaning forward to talk to her, while she does nothing (just stays there put and doesn’t even buzz). This means you’re trying wayyy too hard, which is a big no no in attracting women. It’s very subtle, but painfully obvious to women.
  • Texting way too much… If your texts are more frequent than hers, way loooooooooonger than hers, or uses a lot more smileys than hers… then you are coming across as a needy bitch.
  • Supplicating with everything she says. This is what most guys do when they desperately seek a connection with women, and wind up coming across as a super wussy dude. Instead, it’s way more attractive to express your opinions and standing up for your beliefs.
  • Taking things too personally and being too sensitive (also known as “being a little bitch”). Women hate this super insecure behaviour!
  • That “I’ll always be here for you when you need me” vibe — this demonstrates that you’re super available for a girl whenever she makes time to talk to you. Don’t be that guy who jumps whenever a girl says, “Jump”


In the past, I have done all these deadly mistakes with women… and more.

And if you’re showing any of these super needy behaviours to women…

Make sure to cut them out from your life for good and you’ll see a huge improvement in how women behave you.

If you want to know more, then I highly suggest that you check this free video below or just download a copy of Conversation Escalation.

Stay chilled,


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