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Cold Reading Tips for Picking Up Beautiful Women

Yeah, I know… it has happened to many of us…

You are having a conversation about “healthy food” with a girl and after a few minutes, she starts to look over your shoulders. Her mind is wandering and you can clearly see she is not paying any attention to you.

The matter of the fact is…

At that moment her attention was drifting… it was on something more interesting, entertaining, and certainly more valuable than YOU.

“What to do?” I used to think to myself. Sometimes, I even had a thought of slipping a heavy dose of Ritalin into a girl’s drink, hoping it would finally cure her chronic case of Attention Deficit Disorder.

But if you do that, you could wind up in jail…

Luckily for you, there’s a better (and legal) “fix” to this.

In addition to that…

The method that I am about to reveal to you will also help build a strong emotional connection with the woman you’re talking to, keep her on the edge of her seat, and compel her to view you as the “PRIZE” she want to possess… and a bunch of other cool things that you’re going to discover in this article.

A couple of years ago, I was out at a local bar with one of my buddy. I struck up a conversation with a group of smart, intelligent women. One of them, I still remember, spoke 5 languages.

Ten minutes later, my friend slipped into the conversation. He then immediately steered the conversation topic from “health food” and philosophy to Astrology by asking, “What is your sun sign?” to one of the girls.

I was thinking, “How the hell is he going to make any progress talking about Astrology to these smart, intelligent women? They probably already know Astrology is fake, right?”

But I was surprised to notice what happened next. The topic of Astrology actually did an incredible job in sucking these smart women into my buddy’s reality. Their eyes were all on him.

I could not compete. For that moment in time, my friend has successfully established himself as a “PRIZE” in the eyes of these intelligent women.

Focusing their attention to my friend was more engaging, valuable, and entertaining, to these women than paying any attention to me.

This experience taught me two vital lessons…

Lesson #1: If a woman does not view you as a “PRIZE” — i.e. your value is not high enough to suck her attention to you — then your chances of attracting her becomes almost “zero.”

Lesson #2: There’s a hidden force behind Astrology, working silently in the background to effectively and quickly establishing yourself as a “PRIZE”… not only that, this force can also be used to build emotional connection with women and spark attraction and overcome ANY barriers and obstacles women put up.

And that hidden force is called “Cold Reading.”

What is Cold Reading? And How Can You Use It To Meet And Seduce Women

Cold Reading is implying a woman that you know about her more than you actually do.

But I must warn you first that there’s a problem with Cold Reading…

Back in the days, when I was learning about Cold Reading, I read almost every book on the subject I could lay my dirty hands on.

Interestingly enough, I found that most of these books about Cold Reading were written specifically for magicians and psychics; and not for men who were looking for ways to attract women.

So, if you take any Cold Reading advices from these books, the only thing a woman will be rubbing will be your crystal ball.

Even though I was disappointed with the bad results I was getting from all these books, I still firmly believed that Cold Reading was the untapped reservoir of power for attracting women.

So I sat down one afternoon with my buddy to pick up his brain on this subject, milking every small amount of cold reading tactics he had up in his sleeves.

Next… I went out in the field and experimented all these new-found wisdom with as many women as I could find.

And after over countless hours of trial and errors, I finally cracked the code to a largely unknown ways of Cold Reading that builds a massive amount of rapport and attraction.

Do you have to be born with psychic powers to use this method successfully on women? No, you don’t.

Anyone as intuitive as a doorknob can successfully compel ANY women to hang onto every word he say.

In this article, I am going to give you a handful of my favourite Cold Reading tactics that are simple, yet powerfully effective.

If you are already using any of these cold reading tactics, then congratulations… because that means you are already 3 steps ahead than 97% of guys.

Here’s the “trick”: State something to a girl that is “true” about her, or something she’s doing, or the situation you both are in…

… and then state something that “could” be true about her.

… and if she agrees, state something else that could be “true” about her. So and so forth.

A Cold Reading Example

When I see a woman who is sitting, leaning back with her arms crossed on her knees, I walk up to her and say, “You are leaning back and your arms are crossed. I am sure you are a ‘people watcher’. You are the type of girl who likes to always analyze and watch what other people are doing around you, don’t you?”

Key point: Remember, I am NOT “asking” if this is true about her… I am simply “stating” this as something true about her.

And if she agrees with my cold reading, and they do almost 97% of the time, then I follow up by saying…

“I bet… you can truly have a wonderful time if you stop watching and analyzing others, and stop being such an observer for a while, and let go and be in the moment completely. And I can relate with this because I am the exact same way.”

Let me explain to you what just happened…

I made an obvious statement about her body language, and so, obviously, it would be weird for her not to agree with my observations.

Once she agreed with my reading, I followed up with something that “could” be true about her based on my initial reading she agreed with… and so forth and so on.

What to do if she says that my cold reading isn’t true about her?

This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, just tell her…

“You are a polarity responder, aren’t you? You always think the opposite is true no matter what the other person says about you.”

Now, she’ll either agree with you. If she does, congratulations. You succeeded at cold reading her.


She’ll disagree with you, “No you’re wrong again. I don’t think I’m the opposite of how people perceive me as being.”

Respond to her with, “Thanks. You just proved my point there. You’re being a polarity responder right now.”

Inevitably she’ll start cracking up, letting you know that you have succeeded.

In either case, it’s a win-win. Whether she agrees or disagrees with you, you’ll succeed in cold reading her.

Stay chilled,


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