Conversation Starters With A Girl: 6 KEY Components of Great “Conversation Topics”

conversation starters with a girl

Key Components of Good Conversation Topics

Let’s face the truth: One of the BIGGEST issue that a lot of guys face with while talking to a beautiful woman is coming up with interesting conversation topics. It looks like almost every guy out there wants to learn “What do I talk about?” “What kind of conversation topics lead to building rapport, attraction, and sexuality?” This kind of things is VERY important for you to know starting now, because if you often find yourself spending too much time talking about “safe”, “boring,” or “cheesy” topics… she’ll most probably stop paying any attention to you, and eventually end the conversation with you.

“Safe,” “boring,” and “go nowhere” conversation topics include:

  • Your college/schools (“Where did you go to college? Do you like it?”)
  • Your jobs (“What do you do for a living? Do you like it?”)
  • The location (“Do you come here often? This place is pretty cool, isn’t it?”)
  • Your hometown (“I get a vibe that you are not from here”)
conversation starters at a bar
first conversation starters

As you can imagine, these safe and boring conversation topics listed above will hardly ever lead towards any attraction. That’s why you want to have a handful of topics ready to talk about to any women, anytime, anywhere, or else you run the risk of spending too much time talking about one particular topic (“healthy food”), as vividly detailed in Bobby Rio’s free report, The Small Talk Tactics. If you’ve read that report you already know the mistake of not changing “conversation gears.” (And if you haven’t already read the report, I highly recommend that you read it now.)


What are the Key Components of Good Conversation Topics?

You see, not all conversation topics are designed to be equal. Most of the conversation topics actually bore a woman silly. Listen. She doesn’t care about how long you have lived in your current city. She doesn’t want to hear about your job. And if anyone of you asks her “Hey, what do you do for fun?” she’ll probably scream for help. So what are the key components of good conversation topics that she LOVES talking about? And even more importantly, what are the traits of conversation topics that’ll take you to your desired outcome: ATTRACTION.

Well, there are 6 key components of interesting conversation topics:

1.Interesting conversation topics must create an “emotional state” inside a woman: Most of us men just walk through our lives in what I like to call “a boredom trance.” The daily mundane chores keep us devoid of any true emotions. So we often crave for emotions. A lot of it. This is probably the one biggest reasons why the entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar a year market. Because it completely satisfies our need for an emotional state. So if you stick to talking about topics that trigger these repressed or lost “positive” emotions, the girl you’re talking to will literally be putty in your hands.

2. Interesting conversation topics must help you build rapport. What this basically means is that the conversation topic you choose to talk about must allow you and the woman you’re talking to relate to each other on some level. Doing this will immediately give you a good chance to build trust, and forge an emotional connection with her. And guess what happens once a woman senses that you have some level of connection with her? Yeah, that’s right, she’ll let all her guards down and be much more willing to continue talking to you.

3. Interesting conversation topics must make you appear like a 3-dimensional guy. When a woman meets you randomly at a bar or in the street she has a difficult time differentiating you from all the pool of other clueless guys who have approached her over her life. It is much easier and simpler for her to place you along with them all and instantly reject you.

This is the reason why it is super critical that you immediately talk about topics that’ll display a unique identity for you. It’s even more effective if you could add some contradictions to your personality. (For example, you are a zen philosopher… who also is an MMA Fighter.) This will not only help you come across as unpredictable and interesting, but it’ll also allow her to imagine herself having a lot of fun with you in different types of life’s situations.

4. Interesting conversation topics must offer plenty of hooks to keep a conversation going. Your ultimate goal when talking to a girl is to get her to open up to you, become heavily invested in the conversation, and express her emotions. And the easiest and the best way to do this is to offer plenty of conversational hooks for her to latch onto. What this basically means is that a good conversation topic acts itself as a “bait” to hook her into becoming more engaged emotionally in the conversation.

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5. Interesting conversation topics help you SHOW all your attractive qualities. There are only a handful of masculine traits that a lot of women find attractive universally. These masculine traits include social proof, passionate, leader of men, pre-selected by other women, fun, worldly, and adventurous. And the more these attractive characteristics the conversation topic allows you to showcase, the better.

6. An interesting conversation topic steers the interaction to sexuality. If your objective is to create sexual attraction in a woman you’re talking to then eventually you’ll need to start to build “sexual tension” with her. And the conversation topics you choose must allow you to do this naturally. What this basically means is that a good conversation topic should be intuitive; the topics should itself lend to touching and must generate an undercurrent of sexuality. If you just consider these 6 criteria of good conversation, I bet some good conversation topics are already starting to pop up into your head.

Stay chilled,

P.S. And if you haven’t already read The Small Talk Tactics report, I highly suggest that you read it now and learn the art of making small talk fun, playful, and sexy.


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