Got Embarrassingly Rejected? (Remember THESE 7 Surprising Facts)


When I was a 7th grader, I had a huge crush on Jennifer Tuttle.

I used to sit right next to her.

She used to turn around and talk to me all day, and that made me love her even more and more.

Now, of course, as a 7th grader, I didn’t know what to do with those feelings.

And therefore, I did the only thing I knew.

I wrote “Aby loves Jennifer” obsessively…

I drew drawings of us holding hands together… and getting married.

Everything in the inner cover of my book.

Back in the days, we used brown paper bags to cover our books.

I flipped the cover up, and wrote and drew my drawings.

how to get over fear of rejection

Which kept it hidden from prying eyes of my classmates.

Until it didn’t.

One day, as I was walking into my class, everyone were staring at me.

Soon the snickering began.

And then the pointing.

At first, I didn’t know what was going on.

Then it finally hit me.

I suddenly realized my book must have been exposed somehow.

I was embarrassed.

I wanted to die.

I went back home and asked my mom to change my school.

Couldn’t she see that I’d never recover from this?

I thought I was socially damaged FOREVER.

Luckily, it wasn’t forever.

It only lasted for about 3 days.

Yes, for 3 days, my classmates teased me.

For 3 days, Jennifer didn’t talk to me.

And on the 4th day…

Everything was back to normal again.

(In fact, only a few months later at the 7th-grade dance one of Jennifer’s friends told me SHE LIKED ME TOO and we had a very romantic ball dance together.)

The important thing I learned from this experience is that this happens to be the pattern of embarrassment, rejection, and whatever social humiliation you dread so much.

But, in the end, it doesn’t really matter.

So how do you remember this?

7 Surprising Facts About Rejection

Keep in mind these 7 surprising facts about rejection that’ll make it easier for you to take more risks, stop seeking validation from others, and actually learn to embrace and LOVE rejection.

  • It’s impossible to make everyone happy, so why try?
  • Anyone who doesn’t like for “who you are” and “what you do” isn’t even in the same room almost 99.7% of the time.
  • Everyone is too busy staring at their cell phone to give a hoot about judging you.
  • I’m going to die soon, so why bother.
  • People respect other people with the strength of character to not just dive a f#ck of what other people think.

Seeking validation doesn’t work.

People aren’t stupid, they can immediately tell when you’re trying too hard to be accepted or liked.

A girl can immediately tell when you’re not interested vs when you’re too afraid to ask her out.

And, last but not the least…

Almost nothing that you’re socially afraid of is actually scary.

I’ve had countless of girls give me “the cheek” in front of dozens of her girlfriends, had ugly girls say “no thanks,” and got friend-zoned by numerous girls…

But I lived through it…

Only to come out STRONGER…

Here’s MY ADVICE: Memorize one of these FACTS, go out, and approach the first cute girl you’d like to meet, and laugh at your results… NO MATTER WHAT.

Stay chilled,


P.S. Yeah, you’re going to die one day.

Time will fly and one day will be your last day on ealth…

And that day, you’ll think “Man, I’m happy that I never tried to talk to that girl outside Starbucks and risk embarrassing myself. I’m SO happy that I played it safe.”

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