How To Attract A Woman INSTANTLY (4 Powerful Ways)


4 Powerful Ways To Instantly Attract A Woman

Attraction often works for both sides whether you are a man or a woman. Have you ever seen a woman walk up and approach a man she was interested in?

What’s the secret of making a woman approach you?

The answer is simple: women are naturally attracted to men with vision and power. Just imagine for a second you are the BOSS of your own company.

When you are in control of your life and financial situations, you start talking different, walking different, and behaving differently.

Would you believe me if I told you there are just a few important things you can invest your time, energy, and resources on to dramatically improve the chance of making hot women approach you first?

Well, here are the 4 most important thing you must focus on to attract hordes of women into your life:

  1. Taking Full Advantage of Status
  2. Investment in Strength Pays Off Huge
  3. Dorks Landing a Date With a HOTTIE
  4. Honesty To Melt Hearts

1. Taking Full Advantage of Status

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Taking Full Advantage of Status

The status method is based solely on how famous/high-ranking male scores the women. High-status males often depend solely on this way to attract women into their lives. Just consider Bill Clinton for example. He wasn’t voted the sexiest man by American women because of his looks, yet he still gets plenty of women just because of his high status.

The Power of Status

When a woman is attracted to a high-status man, what she is actually attracted to are his power and status. Henry Kissinger put it rightly, “Power is an aphrodisiac”. Recently, there was a study conducted where a woman was shown pictures of men, asking them what those men did for a living.

As usual, Doctors placed in the first rank by women frequently considered him as more attractive in comparison to other men who worked as a professor or a janitor. So, as you can see from this small experiment, social status does help you attract women sometimes.

As good as it may sound, this approach doesn’t work for everyone because everyone cannot be converted into an alpha male. You may have all the essential qualities, but your nature simply could not be made for an alpha male.

It often takes a lot of work to become a high-status man like Bill Clinton and sometimes no amount of hard work you put will get you any near the status you seek for. But, on the bright side, status works in your favour in seduction world though.

Have you ever heard of being a “Fundamental 8” and “Level 5 Seducer“, “Be building a life you desire, separate from a woman?” Well, these kind of mindsets are all about living the life you desire, having high-status and having self-respect in your own life?

In this way, you can use the high-status approach to attract hordes of beautiful women into your life, even if it does not work for you as well as it did for Bill Clinton.

2. Investment in Strength Pays Off Huge

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Investment in Strength Pays Off Huge

The word “strength” can be defined in terms of physical power, physical health, or physical beauty.

In this example, physical beauty is a way that we male use to attract women. The powerful, fit, and big animals get the babes. So, being physically gorgeous and fit does work wonders with women.

Beauty in strength

Let me tell you a short story of one of my bodybuilding pal who recently dyed his hair bright purple. As we were strolling down the street, a woman took a break making out with her BG to scream to him “You look great in that hair!” “I love it!”.

Other time at the bar I was hanging out with athletic, gorgeous looking friends of mine and the hottest woman in the pack walked right up to him and started talking to him. That my friend is the power of physical beauty and strength with a woman.

So it is a very good idea to invest some time and energy to improve your physical appearance if you want to attract women into your life quickly. When you improve your appearance of health, strength, and beauty, you’re actually communicating, “I’m am attractive, together, and desirable.” If you are not taking care of yourself, you could be communicating, “I look like a pig and I dress as one and I want you all women to get the hell out of my life!” The good news is you have a choice which routes to chose.

There are a few ways that men can improve their physical appearance. First thing, of course, starts with finding a program you LIKE and ENJOY doing. On big mistake a lot of men make is doing exercises that they absolutely hate doing and hence they never progress.

It’s better to try out different exercise routines until you find the one that appeals you the most and then doing it. Setting your priorities right and having a commitment will definitely make you look more desirable physically.

One of my friends recently discovered that combining Pilates and Salsa Dance was the best workout for him. Another friend got completely hooked on lifting weights at his home and taking long walks. The trick is to find what you love and enjoy doing and build your strength in doing it, which will help you attract women into your life.

Both status and strength are considered to be the deadliest combination of attractive male traits. According to NBA reporter David Remnick, “Wherever the players stayed, the hotel lobby resembled the waiting room at a modelling agency.”

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Landing a Date Using Intelligence

“The professional players have high social status just like professional athletes, as well as extreme physical power and strength. This power and strength is what makes women attracted to them. Finally, you can learn to incorporate these principles into your life to score hordes of an attractive woman too.

3. Dorks Landing a Date With a HOTTIE

Women are also attracted to intelligent men. Some woman may view geek/nerd as a turn-off, which is the reason why this trait has limited appeal to others.

Landing a Date Using Intelligence

Recently a study was conducted on 10,000 women, and researchers found that the ones who were still unmarried were the most intelligent. The trick is how do you use your intelligence to your advantage is what makes the difference with other men.

Especially when it comes to seducing a woman, most guys leverage on their intelligence in two different ways: a) “Seduce and Destroy” approach, a good example of which is seen in the movie, “Magnolia“. It’s basically using your intelligence to outwit women, trick them, control all interactions with them, manipulate them, or even beat at their own game.

This way is more towards the predatory style which often gives a lot of guys turn offs and creeps from using it. They often ask themselves, “What the fun of getting laid if I have to trick a woman to do it?”

The good thing about this way is you can use your intelligence to score a hot woman without having to be predatory or immoral.

It is very important to know how to make the best use of your smartness to manage your seduction interactions with women. Intelligence is highly valuable if you’re going to learn how to display the romantic and seductive side of your personality and the woman you’re interacting with.

The “Seduce and Destroy” way is not advised, but rather use your smartness to let go of control by taking seductive risks with a woman. Just take it one step at a time. This allows a wonderful opportunity for attraction and interest to grow in a way that feels natural. Use your intelligence to spark attraction in a woman by taking small calculated risks that display your interest in her.

Doing so will create an opportunity for her to take risks with you. For example, you can begin with saying ‘Hi’ to her and she may risk by responding with ‘Hi’ back to you. From there, just make sure to take a leap of faith and move on to take a bigger risk. Such as asking her questions like, “What’s the story behind her necklace?” and she may then take a risk by telling you a story about how she got it on a trip to Morrocco.

When you feel there are a good connection and chemistry going on between the two of you, then you must ask her out on a date, and then, proceed to get a kiss from her, and more.

Last but not the least, intelligence approach is all about forming that real interaction that sparks instant attraction, excitement, and risk… which all leads to building up trust and comfort.

Creating a powerful attraction using honesty

3. Honesty To Melt Hearts

The term “honesty” is often used by guys like the “Sensitive New Age Guy“, “Tortured Artist“, and the “Feminist Man” to get laid with women. However, most guys who come visit this site wants to be honest with women in a slightly different way.

Creating a powerful attraction using honesty

The success rate of this way depends on how comfortable you are being who you truly are. It involves being clear with your intentions to the woman you are interested in. It’s more like not needing to get something from women kind of way.

With that all you now have a clear understanding of all the 4 different ways on how to attract a woman you truly desire. But keep this thing in mind, a powerful seductive man needs to have developed all of these four essential components — status, strength, intelligence, and honesty — to attract a high-quality woman into his life.

The status way taught you how to treat yourself with self-respect. The strength approach helped you learn to take good care of your appearance and health. The smartness approach helped you build up a connection with a woman by risking romantically one step at a time. And finally, the honesty approach helped you become who you truly are with women.

Stay chilled,


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