How To “Break The Ice” And Become Irresistible Without Saying Much

how to break the ice with women and become more charming

The ‘Secret’ Of Making Yourself MORE Interesting To Women (By Saying Less And Listening MORE)

Do you want to be successful with women, yet hesitate when approaching a woman?

Do you often find yourself not taking action just because you don’t know what to say or do make a girl like you?

Do you become jealous at other guys who seem to effortlessly make small talk (conversations) with any woman they want?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions, then you’re not alone. (Almost 97% of men have this issue.)

As men, we are supposed to be a leader.

Always confident and in control so that we can be a provider and a protector.

Despite this, our major roadblock in becoming truly successful with women is the simple act of maing small talk (or conversations) with women.

It’s easy to not take any action when we constantly keep on thinking about negative thoughts that prevents us from actually even saying ‘Hi’ to a woman.

What we men need is a simple advice and a mental rewiring.

You see, women are not stopping you from approaching her.

It’s YOU.

You must crush through all your mental roadblocks and start talking to more women.

If you can just do that, you are way ahead of other guys when it comes to picking up women.

If You Don’t Feel Interesting…

Every man is unique.

Every man has different interests, lifestyle, jobs, and quirks.

Women might say that “all men are the same” but that’s only true from a gender point of view.

Besides gender, every man is different.

The only thing common among all men is our unique personality.

Most men are scared of talking to women because they are too worried about what they think about him.

Most guys don’t talk to women because they think that whatever they’ll say has already been said over zillion of times.

Maybe that is true, but who cares?

She hasn’t heard that from you.

If don’t talk to girls with this type of thinking, then you better pack your bags and go back home, because your night isn’t going anywhere.

You don’t need to care about what she thinks about men.

All you need to care about is what she thinks about YOU.

You are not talking to her for the team.

You are talking to her for your pleasure.

Do you often hear yourself saying these things when approaching girls?

  • She is out of my league. I am not good enough for her.
  • She probably has heard that line before.
  • She probably has tons of guys chasing her 24/7
  • She might not find me interesting…

That is some common lame excuses clouding a man’s head when he wants to approach a girl.

But let me just ask you this… where did you get all these ideas from, anyway?

Your mom?

Your friends?

Or are women telling you this?

Absolutely not.

It is just you hearing a lot of negative stereotypes.

No matter what negative crap you may have heard on the TV or from other women around the water cooler, it is not true that is how most women think.

Interesting Men Are Interested In Women…

You do not always have to talk A LOT to get a girl’s attention.

You do not have to exaggerate or lie to spur her interest.

Women know that men are after sex.

No wonder why they feel like a piece of meat everytime she steps out of her house.

There are plenty of psychos ready to whistle and catcal as she walks by.

These guys don’t really care if she is smart or funny.

They are not even interested in her at all.

In their eyes, she’s just a piece of meat.

But men who want to get laid or date women NEVER display “this side” to a womn.

The best thing you can do is make her feel special.

Whether you just want to get laid or date, your number one goal when talking to a girl is to make her feel special.

When you show a genuine interest in her, her interest in you goes through the roof.

So, stop feeling like you must make your life interesting like Hugh Hefner or talk about yourself endlessly.

Most women don’t find their life interesting either. But she will feel if you think it is.

Keep Her Interested By Talking Less And Listening MORE

If you want to break the ice with a girl, don’t just approach her. Make a point of finding a reason why. What she is wearing? What she is doing? What her mood is like? This will show a genuine interest. Often times, most guys talk to a girl like this:

  • “Hi, I’m John. Your eyes are beautiful.”
  • “Hi, I’m John. Let’s dance.”
  • “Hi, I’m John. Can I buy you a drink?”
  • “Hi, I’m Joe. You have an amazing smile.”

That’s lame.

Let’s look at Mike.

He knows how to be interested in a woman he’s talking to.

  • “Hi, I am Mike. I was walking down the road and I could not help notice that awesome orange bag you were carrying. It really makes you stand out from the crowd. Where did you get such great fashion sense?”
  • “Hey, I am Mike. You seem to be enjoying the afternoon a lot. What actually happened today that put that awesome smile on your face?”

Did you notice the difference in Mike’s approach?

Yeah, I know, some of you may say he sounds “gay,” but the important thing he did was display his genuine interest in her.

He didn’t use any cheesy pickup line or ask a closed-ended question.

He question was thoughtful, and it made her think and respond, not just answer with a simple “Yes” or “No” response.

When she finally responds to your question, you MUST shut your mouth and “listen.”

Even more importantly, follow up with another “open-ended question” that is related to her response.

Maybe she has such a great fashion sense because she lived in Paris for a couple of years, which opens more doors for topics to talk.

Let her do most of the talking and actively listen.

Your conversation must be 70% listening and 30% talking.

Stay Chilled,


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