How to “Compliment” a Girl on Her Outfit (And Turn Her ON)


Complimenting on a Girl’s “Outfit”

A compliment never fails to let a woman know that you are interested in her.

Letting a girl know you admire something she’s wearing is the best way to give her a compliment.

On the other hand, blatantly saying her she has an amazing figure right after you just met her is a big no-no — she’ll immediately consider view you as sleazy and desperate.

Giving a compliment about an outfit lets a woman know that you like how she looks by noticing what covers her body, while also not desperate enough to have thought about what’s underneath it.

Also, giving a compliment about a girl’s outfit lets her know that you admire her great sense of taste, which is a great thing to hear, but doing so could also make her think you could be ‘gay’.

With so many famous fashion designers being gay people these days, it is also easy to assume that any man who gives a compliment to a woman about her nice dress must also be gay.

If you’re giving a compliment to a girl in hopes to get into her pants, then, of course, it’s safe to assume you are not gay — but she needs to know about this too.

But you do not want her to think you are gay… because then she will not view you as a man who could be a potential hook up.

So complimenting a woman on her outfit without coming across as a gay is a subtle talent — and this article will reveal you how to do it (the Right Way).

Do NOT compliment on her dress

Do NOT compliment on her dress

Instead of appreciating the craftsmanship of the clothing, give a compliment about something personal about her.

For example, if you want to let a girl know that you admire her good sense of taste, praise about the way she has put her outfit together.

By doing this, you’re not praising on the piece of clothing, which she did nothing other than just swipe over her credit card for, but something she has done personally.

And instead of making your compliment about her clothes, make it something about HER.

For example, do not say “That’s a nice hat you are wearing… ” instead say, “You look stunning in that hat.”

The Dangers of Giving Compliments on Footwear

Nothing sounds more ‘gay’ than complimenting a girl’s choice of footwear.

Don’t overthink about this fact, because it really doesn’t make any sense.

For now, just understand that if you want to give a compliment to a girl on her outfit and also want her to let her know you are interested in her, you must make your intentions clear.

And do not give your compliment and make your intention in the same sentence.

So, for example, if you say “you look stunning in those black hill shoes,” then she might wrongly assume that you have a foot fetish.

Maybe you do, but you do not want to let her know that, especially if you just met her for the first time.

The “trick” is to give a compliment on her shoes, and then give more compliments about other things about her, which clearly lets her know that you are attracted to her.

Warning: don’t shower her with a lot of compliments at the same time, otherwise, you risk coming across as a “try hard.”

Do not be afraid from complimenting a woman on her outfit, for fear that she might assume you’re not interested in her.

Just make sure to let her know you are attracted to her too… and not just on her fashion taste.

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