How To Deal With A Girl Who Only Talks About Herself


How To Break Her Bad Habit (And Replace It A Good One)

If the girl you’re talking to a girl seems to talk about herself non-stop, then you MUST take charge of the interaction. Here are a few effective tactics you can apply to bring the focus away from her self obsession.

Why it is NOT GOOD?

It is quite frustrating to find out that the only topic of the conversation is ALL about herself. Yeah, I know, you want to get to know her better, so you’re trying to put a little bit more focus on her. But you must not be “too nice,” always listening to her talking endlessly about how her week went, letting her think that it’s an engaging conversation. I can totally relate to you if you are looking for more in a girl than her self-obsession.

Tactic #1: Steer the conversation away from her…

In order to find out if she is genuinely interested in talking about topics other than herself, try to steer the conversation towards broader topics. You can ask her opinions on other things that leads to having a more engaging conversation than where she went for shopping that day. Now, of course, she might be slightly offended that you just cut her off as she is telling you about every piece of information about her life, but she won’t notice that you are trying to talk about other interesting topics by changing the topic when she finally stops about her life story. Also pay attention to the type of questions you are asking her. If you’re asking continously asking questions about her and then you whine she only talks about herself, then it’s not her fault… but yours.

Tactic #2: Talk about yourself for a while…

Responding by mirroring her conversation style can have quite a positive effect. You’ll quickly forget about her self-obsession as you begin to shift the focus back to yourself. You can then begin to slowly turn a long — and ‘boring’ — monologue into a two-sided banter. If you do this correctly, she’ll realise how she sounds as you mirror how she talks by giving anecdotes about your own life to her. And that’s when she finally realise how ‘boring’ it is to listen to someone talk incessantly about themselves for so long.

Tactic #3: Do NOT disengage…

You might be tempted to “exit” from the interaction when you sense it is becoming boring, but doing so will only make the situation even more worse. She’ll consider you are a jerk if she senses you’re not even listening to what she was saying to you. Also, as you run out of interesting topics to talk with her, she’ll have no other option but to continue talking about herself. Then it’ll become even harder for you to steer the conversation away from the dreaded one-sided exchange. So, you see, you can’t disengage from the conversation… if you want to take it towards something more fun, playful, and flirty (sexual) later.

Tactic #4: Maybe you’re not giving her enough to work with…

The best thing most people like to talk about is about themselves. During those dreaded moments of awkward silences, when you’re wracking your brain trying to say something, you’re most likely going to come up with something about yourself. Have you ever thought that perhaps she is constantly talking about herself and her life story because you are being boring yourself? You see, a conversation requires both people to contribute. If you are letting her fill up all the silences and not talking about something exciting about you and your life, she’ll have no other choice to awkwardly keep on talking about herself. So make sure you are really paying attention when having a conversation with a girl and that you are trying to respond to her with some of your own life stories.



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