How to ‘Flirt’ with a Girl WITHOUT Being Annoying


Men who don’t know how to flirt with women can oftentimes come across as overly annoying to women.

You may come across as creepy, weird, or just annoying by going overboard with your attempts at flirting.

1. DO NOT be a Try-Hard

The number one reason why a woman will consider you are annoying is that you are probably far too pushy.

She could flirt with you, just to see how things go between the two of you…

But she is STILL not sure if she is truly interested in you yet.

So, you being overly pushy is a surefire way of destroying any attraction she may have for you.

Instead, she’ll start to think of ways to get rid of you…

how to flirt with a girl without being creepy
DO NOT be a Try-Hard

Or, how to get herself out of that uncomfortable situation

Maybe, she thought you were kind of cute five minutes ago…

But that doesn’t matter at all NOW.

You are no longer attractive in her eyes if you appear needy and desperate to even read her signals.

How NOT to be pushy?

It’s pretty simple.

If you tell her you’d like to see her next week, and if she doesn’t respond, DO NOT keep saying that you want to meet her.

If she is offended or seems disinterested by your attempts to make flirtatious remarks with her, then relax and take a step back and try communicating with her like a normal person, without the flirty jokes.

2. Offer Her Value

Flirting with a girl doesn’t mean annoying them.

Asking A LOT of questions about herself, hanging on to every word she says, getting jealous and angry when she talks to someone else, and bragging about your successes are all habits of annoying flirters.

  • You MUST learn how to flirt with girls so that you add value to your interactions with them.
  • You should have interesting and funny stories to tell that’ll make her want to talk to you.
  • Also, finding common ground, instead of talking endlessly about yourself, is super important.

3. DO NOT Tell Her “You’re Bored

Starting a conversation by telling her you’re just bored is plain annoying.

She doesn’t want to know you’re bored.

In fact, she’ll NOT have a very good opinion of you as she thinks you probably have no interesting hobbies to make your life interesting.

You must also add value to your interactions.

Sending her texts liked, “I’m bored, what are you up to?” adds no value at all.

4. Limit Your Contact with Her

You DO NOT have to shower all of your attention to her in order to get her attention.

If you’ve already talked to her at the work that day, don’t message her that same evening.

Contacting her all the time is scary.

She’ll become tired from having to come up with responses to your messages.

You should only ramp up how often you are contacting her only AFTER you’re 100% sure that she is interested in you.

If you’re in a group of other people, don’t only talk to her.

Ignoring other people in the group, and giving her all your attention, makes you come across as a “creep.”

Stay chilled!


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