How To Flirt With Girls: Verbal Foreplay Tips For Taking “Hot” Chicks Home

how to flirt with girls

Flirting is like foreplay of sex

Flirting is an art form, dating back to the dawn of the century (and sexy), where women used to size up a men through the push/pull dynamic of flirting before deciding to have sex with him.

Not being able to flirt with girls properly have stifled a lot of guys to a life of celibacy. It’s such a big punishment for something SO meaningless. In fact, flirting is a superficial game.

To master it, you must acknowledge it, understand why you are playing it, and understand “the rules”. And because you are reading this article, I assume you already acknowledge flirting as a prerequisite to attract girls. Why we human beings “flirt” before sex?

If a teenage girl was writing an article on this subject, her answer would be a giggly “Cause these things are just so much fun, OMG!” But the thing I don’t understand is why is it SO much “fun” for girls, and so much of a big chore for (most) guys? The answer is simple: flirting is emotional, not logical, where a woman determines a man’s strength of character.

The man and a woman throw an arrow at each other, trying to figure how each reacts to pain. Each time a woman prods a man with her arrow, what she’s is doing is observing his wit, intellect, his calmness under pressure, emotional intelligence, ability to think quickly, among a series of other things that are included under a giggle of “cause these things are just so much fun, OMG!”

For a man, however, there’s only one fundamental rule of flirting – i.e. tension.

In fact, flirting is generating and releasing tension. Once the tension dissipates, so does the girl’s interest.

For a guy who everybody considers valuable, perhaps because of his genetics (i.e. good looks) or by life’s circumstances (i.e. money, power, status)… he naturally creates that tension just by putting himself out there in front of people. His presence makes other people nervous, also called the tension. Similarly, a guy without a perceived “value” can generate a similar kind of response just by learning how to flirt effectively. The result will take a lot longer to yield because flirting builds tension slowly, not instantly like perceived value. However, the outcome is the same.

5 ways to flirt with a girl

In this article, you’ll find 5 ways to make your interactions tight and begin flirting with the girl you like:

1. Change the topic of the conversation… suddenly

When two people are having a conversation, they often fall back to a predictable rhythm of complacency… where one person sheepishly follows the other, keeping the conversation going in a same old familiar path. This makes people unwind and relax — but which is also the opposite of flirting. While I highly do not recommend you to act weird and frantically jump from one topic to another, you must understand the excitement, the tension, and leadership involved in redirecting a conversation.

Here’s an example

Her: “Yada yada yada… so then my friend said let’s go for shopping and…”

You: “Just a second… did you just say to me that you love the Beatles?”

Her: “No, I just said my friend wanted to stop for sh–“

You: “Oh no, I really love the Beatles! I hope you have not stopped believing!”

Her: “Oh yeah yeah… that’s an amazing song!”

3. Ambiguous statements

Listen. Flirting is NOT logical. Trying to dissect and analyse a flirtatious comment is like trying to explain a dude why joke is funny. Once you dissect and analyse it, it loses all its emotion. Laughing isn’t pre-planned … it just happens. The same is true with flirting. That’s why, you must keep your statements light-hearted, playful, and ambiguous. You may even cause her to think hard about the hidden message.

Here’s an example of ambiguous statements

Her: “So what do you do for a living?”

You: “That’s exactly what she said too!”

Her: “I don’t understand. What does that has anything to do with what you do?”

You: “Yeah, I work as a blogger, that’s right.”

Her: “I don’t get you…”

2. Accusation

This is an old tactic but still effective as ever. Whenever you get a chance, you take one of her responses and flip it around and accuse her of meaning something (most preferably sexual). Accusation “injects” tension into the interaction that you can both play and savor.

Here’s an example:

Her: “So where did you buy that t-shirt?”

You: “That’s what I was thinking about too, let’s go back to my apartment.”

Her: “OMG! What do you mean? I certainly did not mean I wanted to go back to your place.”

You: “Woah… where is this coming from? It’s not even 5 minutes we met… and you’re already thinking inviting me back to your place? Just relax girl…”

Her: “You are absolutely crazy…”

4. “That wasn’t a joke”

This tactic must be one of the most funniest of all time. You make a poker face and tell a girl that something that she thought to be a joke is actually “wasn’t a joke.” However, here’s where the true humor lies… it was actually a joke. Or was it really?

Here’s an example:

Her: “Are you close with your dad or your mom?”

You: “Yeah, I was close with my mom… before she left my dad.”

Her: “Hahaha”

You: “That wasn’t a joke.”

Her: “Oh…”

You: (Keep your face serious for 5 second) “Ha! Dork…”

5. Complete honesty

Many people act polite just to avoid spark tension. An effective flirting is just that — another extension of a polite conversation. A lot of guys flirt with a girl “pretending” either a) he’s not so interested in her or b) he’s too cool than he really is. However, this “tactic” is so effeminate and cliche, it just plain sucks. Real mean are not just honest… they are completely honest. That, all in itself, creates a bucket loads of sexual tension…

Here’s an example:

Her: “So that’s your pickup line?”

You: “Of course it is…”

Her: “So what do you think I am? Stupid? You’re going to use that pickup line thinking I will just buy into it and go home with you and have sex?”

You: “Well, I thought we should also have some serious conversation with you before the sex. But, hey, if you want to skip that route and just want to go straight home with me now, I’m in. I mean, it would be rude not to, now wouldn’t it be?”

Her: “Umm… okay… you are right!”

Job well done!

Stay chilled,




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