How to Get Dates with Any Asian Girls You Want


I’m always looking to meet beautiful new Asian girls, and I don’t limit my “intros” to when I’m at the bars and nightclubs. You’ll actually meet some of the BEST Asian girls during the daytime — and yet 95% of men have NO GAME when it comes to approaching random girls while the sun is still up.

This is why I want to give you some quick tips on “day game” — how to start conversations with beautiful Asian girls without it feeling weird or awkward.

I’ll often start things off by paying the girl an original compliment. I notice a detail of her appearance that most guys wouldn’t think to comment on…

I pay her a compliment on it… and then I used it to TRANSITION into a conversation.

What should you compliment her on?

Watch the women walking past.

I can always notice some little detail because I’ve been practising this stuff for years… but if you have a hard time coming up with compliments, here’s a helpful exercise.

Sit down in a place that has a lot of pedestrian traffic walking by (like a cafe at a shopping mall).

Watch the women walking past.

Notice details.

If you were suddenly thrust into a conversation and HAD to compliment them on something, what would you say?

It could be a piece of jewellery, their purse, shoes, their hairstyle, even a cool tattoo. Then there are the girls who simply carry themselves with confidence, or are smiling and radiating positive energy.

There are also great things to compliment a woman on — as long as it seems genuine and sincere.

Once your mind gets accustomed to noticing positive things about random people, it will be easier for you to find something on the spur of the moment.

What you DON’T want to compliment an Asian girl on is her beauty.

A hot chick already knows she’s hot, and she’s been told this by a million guys who have nothing original to say and are desperately hoping to bang her.

Walking up to her and telling her she has great eyes seems creepy.

But on the other hand, walking up to her and complimenting her handbag or bracelet — and saying that you’re thinking of buying one like that for your sister — seems natural.

You’ve delivered a sincere-sounding compliment, and now you have a reason to keep talking to her because you need some advice.

Are you with me?

Good… because there are two elements to a successful approach…

1 – The Opener (the first thing you say to catch her attention)

2 – The Transition (moving the conversation towards a topic that will keep things flowing in the right direction).

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make is worrying about the right “opener” or “pickup line”… but then they have no idea what to say NEXT!

(This is when most guys resort to “job interview” mode… asking her a bunch of questions about herself that make her feel like she’s being interrogated by some random weirdo.)

I’ve also found that using a “cell phone opener” is extremely effective with Asian women. When they’re alone in public, Asian girls always seem to be talking and texting on their phones.

And if she’s a hottie, you can assume that she’s packing some cool new model of phone with a bunch of interesting features.

When I’m over in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines or Malaysia (my favourite spots for macking), I can hang out in a mall and start conversations with women all day long regarding their cell phones.

I’ll observe a girl sending a text message or making a phone call, and when she’d done I’ll casually walk up to her and say…

“Pardon me, what type of phone is that? I told my friend I’d buy her a phone for her birthday, and I think that’s the one she wants.”

(This immediately gets her interest. Do you buy phones as birthday gifts for your female friends? You must be a cool generous dude, huh?)

I’ll ask her to show me her phone’s features.

  • Does it play MP3s?
  • Can I listen to her headphones to see how it sounds?
  • Does the phone take good pictures? Can it shoot video?

These are all reasons for you to move in close to her, in a way that feels natural. Ask her to show you her pictures so that you can see the quality of its built-in camera.

Asian girls always have pictures stored on their cell phones. This provides you with ENDLESS ways to keep the conversation flowing!

Comment on her picture, ask questions about the people in the pictures, etc… make some jokes, do some light teasing, make her “qualify” herself to you, etc.

This book lays you HUNDREDS of effective techniques for carrying on the conversation and building ATTRACTION. Give it a quick look:

Now, after a few minutes of “strategic” conversation, YOU are going to be the one to end the interaction on a positive note. (And of course, you’re going to get her phone number.)

You take your phone out of your pocket and press the buttons to open up your “Contacts”…

As you do this, say “It’s been cool talking to you. I’ll text you some time — how do I spell your name?”

She’ll spell out her name, you’ll program it into your phone, and you’re done.

NEVER ask permission to get her phone number (“Do you mind if I call you sometime?”) Act like it’s completely natural for you to get her number… and just program it in! Then, tell her you’re going to send her a message, right then and there, so that she will have your number also.

All you need to write is, “It’s John. Thanks for the advice on your cool (fill in the blank — her phone, necklace, shoes, whatever detail you opened the conversation with).”

Once you’ve done this number exchange, don’t hang around the same area trying to chat up other girls. If she sees you an hour later talking to some other girl, she’ll blow you off when you text her later.

And texting is going to be your next step. You’re not going to call her. You’re going to text her because this is the mode of communication that Asian women are most comfortable with.

It’s also a great way to begin some flirtation… which will lead to SEDUCTION.

If you were to notice how “naturals” interact with women and how they ATTRACT them, you’ll almost always notice how the magic happens when their game is “on.” For me, I could literally watch it happen over and over. But when it came to EXPLAINING what they were doing, they couldn’t exactly explain what they were doing is because what they were doing was mostly NON-VERBAL.

It was a combination of several different types of “signals” they were sending to women… that these guys just “understood.”

After a lot of studies, testing, and trial-and-error, the picture began to come together for me…

What these “naturals” were doing was speaking a different “language” with these women. It was a language that no one had ever actually described or explained to me…

The most interesting part?

As I started to do research on the topic, I found that even though this stuff was right out “in plain sight,” no one had ever really noticed or DESCRIBED it.

To make a long story short, I took this new “secret” information that I discovered and put together an entire program to teach it to other guys…

As far as I know, this is the ONLY program of its kind ever created. In fact, I get emails all the time from guys who say that just one time through this program instantly changed their views on Asian women and attraction… and allowed them to spark attraction and build “chemistry” or “sexual tension” with women in every type of situation… IMMEDIATELY.

“Sexy Communication” is what I call it. Asian women LOVE it. And if you want to know EXACTLY how it’s done, check this out:

Good luck, and please use this information responsibly… this is VERY deep, powerful stuff…


Dean Cortez

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