How To Make A Woman Laugh: A Simple Tactic

Attracting A Girl With “Good Humour”

There is a big misunderstanding among guys that have been preventing them from getting into woman’s pants for years. And the misunderstanding involves the element of humour. It’s a known fact that a lot of women love to hang around with “guys who can make them crack with laughter” — in fact, most women’s magazines usually rank humour to be the numero one attractive trait in a man.

Unfortunately, this misunderstanding lies in not understanding what good humour is in the first place. Most guys wrongly confuse humour for “comedy,” thinking that if you tell a woman jokes or perform a standup comedy routine you’ll become funny around women.

But that’s not true at all. In reality, “comedy” is completely different than being able to “make a woman laugh.” You might probably already be racking your brains out thinking How come? Just to make things simple, let me cover a couple important points.

  • Making a woman laugh requires sparking tension, being unpredictable, and pushing a woman’s “emotional button.”
  • On the other hand, comedy requires punch lines, set ups, developing character and twists.

So, as you can imagine, becoming a comedian can take you years to master, while becoming really good at making a woman laugh is much quicker and easier.

Humour explained further

So now I assume you already understand the big difference between comedy and making a woman laugh, and so now you must be having doubts and insecurities about “not being funny enough” with the ladies. Just in case if you still don’t understand this topic, let me tell you once again: making a woman laugh is not about telling jokes!

Here’s a fact: if you try to get a woman laugh telling her old-fashioned jokes and comedy routines, not only you’ll fail to make her laugh, but you’ll also risk coming across as a try hard. Even guys who are really good at telling jokes aren’t a FUN and cool guy to most women (you know, the guy who is “hilarious,” yet women avoid them like a bad habit.)

On the other hand, you must have already seen a few guys who could just walk up to any girl they like and get away with saying completely stupid things to women, and yet women seem to get hooked on every word they utter. These women erupt into laughter even before he finishes his sentences. Why do attractive women prefer guys like this? Simply because these guys know how to spark tension, knows how to trigger a woman’s emotional buttons, and say or do something to come across as unpredictable and interesting.

The Application

Now, it’s all nice and good to talk about the theory of laughter, but as you might have guessed already, the theory never makes a woman laugh — particularly a woman! So, in this post, I’ll give you a few ways to turn the theory into useful exercises.

First of all, in order to spark tension, you must become comfortable with tension. Let me ask you something: would you be comfortable walking up to a random attractive girl and say, “I hate you”? If doing this makes you feel uncomfortable, then that’s a sign that you must work on building up your “social tension muscle.”

On the other hand, if the idea of walking up to a random beautiful woman and telling her that you hate her doesn’t scare you at all, then you’re good to go. Now, of course, when you say something like “I hate you” to a beautiful woman you haven’t met before, she’ll probably act in a negative/surprised way. But that’s what is required. Remember this: making a woman laugh requires you to become unpredictable sometimes.

That’s why once you tell her that you hate her, you immediately follow up immediately with something unexpected. You could say something like, “Because when you are dressed up all like this you know, you leave me with no other choice than to hit on you shamelessly,” or “Because you are wearing that red dress you know I absolutely love.” The trick is to create tension by saying something unexpected, which reverses the negative emotion she felt when you told her you hated her.

Remember, this is just an example and it is not even a funny one. But, that’s why I chose it to show you how “unfunny” things can make a woman laugh. Now, of course, you don’t need to be a Chris Rock to make a woman laugh. All you need is to understand the “concept” behind getting a woman laugh and go out there and allow yourself to fail until you master the art of making a woman laugh, anytime, anywhere.

At first, you must allow yourself to fail at this a lot of times. Why? Because you’re not going to “get it” right on your first attempt. And also, you must begin becoming comfortable with these moments of tension. And once you reach that sweet spot, you’ll naturally start to develop a “feel” for how to make a woman laugh at ease.

Now I want you to go out and meet girls and attract them with your sense of humour!

Stay chilled,


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