How To Manifest Money: Essential Understanding for Creating Financial Abundance


While there are certainly many teachings available on the Law of Attraction and manifesting, creating financial abundance involves several special considerations that are rarely addressed.

Manifesting money is definitely different from manifesting anything else! In order to manifest money effectively, we have to first understand it’s true energetic nature.

We’ve placed a lot of beliefs on money in our society, many of them negative. However, money itself is energetically speaking completely neutral… and that makes manifesting money an art and science unto itself. Keep reading to gain a better understanding of money’s true nature …

Money is nothing but a concept, an idea, a perception of value that we’ve all collectively decided on in our society
Money is nothing but a concept, an idea a perception of value

What IS money, anyway?

Money is nothing but a concept, an idea, a perception of value that we’ve all collectively decided on in our society. Money itself is really nothing – it is a medium of exchange, nothing more. Money is alchemical – it can quite literally become anything. This is why, vibrationally speaking, it requires an entirely different manifesting process from anything else. I know people who are highly adept at manifesting – a new car, a business contact, a resource – who still cannot manifest actual money into their bank accounts!

Money itself has no vibrational or energetic quality of its own. It’s an energetic chameleon that changes energetic states depending on our own values and intentions in the act of exchanging value with each other. Manifesting money can mean manifesting security, comfort, freedom, survival, joy, love, obligation … the possibilities are limitless.

What we are really manifesting when we are manifesting money is highly individualized to each person, in each moment. And that makes manifesting money tricky! It means staying tuned to a constant shape-shifter that modulates with our intent and our beliefs!

Manifesting money therefore also requires a very high level of selfwareness. I love the practice of manifesting money because it brings up all of our beliefs of self-worth and deservingness for our consideration. We get to claim ourselves as Source, as true Creators of our human experience. We get to decide for ourselves exactly how abundant this experience will be!

My Personal Story and Money-Manifesting Results

I definitely want to let you know that I am not a “business” or “finance” person. Growing up, money was never talked about in my house. I knew so little about money that I was stunned to find out that electricity was something you had to pay for when I got my very first apartment of my own! My first act as a financially independent adult was to create a ton of credit card debt for myself.

It’s not surprising that I was drawn to the two ultimate arenas of “money doesn’t matter” – the performing arts (I have a Masters Degree in Opera Performance, of all things!) and then the healing arts. I was making about 30K a year as a massage therapist and was quite content. I also became certified as a yoga instructor and life coach and really didn’t apply myself to making more money. Instead, I got married to a man with a “steady” corporate job, quit my massage therapy business and had a baby.

I originally started my intuitive consulting business to explore my own gifts of intuition – and because being home with a baby was driving me crazy! Being a full-time mom was just not a balanced lifestyle for me, so I built a little part-time business on the side. Over time, my “little” business actually grew quite large – I published a book and began training other professional intuitives. I discovered my great love for entrepreneurship and the
tremendous potential it holds for our spiritual development and truly “doing” our Soul purpose. I began using my energetic perspective on life to examine issues of money and manifesting, and my income increased considerably.

After I left my marriage, I was determined to put my money-manifesting abilities to the test. I was determined, as a single mom, to create a life of abundance – and to do it MY way. So I applied the energetic strategies I now
teach through my Manifestation Magic program – with amazing results. I went from making $5K to making over $35K a month in little over a year! Most importantly, I did NOT increase my working hours, and I did it doing what I love!

This is a GREAT time to build wealth!

Right now is an exciting time for highly conscious people! The old paradigms around creating money and wealth are crumbling, as can be witnessed simply by turning on the news!

It’s time for new money-consciousness founded in self-awareness, authenticity, and Soul purpose … and I can certainly tell you from personal experience that if we dare apply new principles and paradigms, we can flourish financially, as well as personally and spiritually.

Manifesting Money Starts With Your Financial Intention

Let’s talk first about intentions in general, and then we’ll dive into the “financial” part of that statement.

The whole concept of “inten- tion” is pretty misunderstood overall. Most people think that setting an intention is sim-ply focusing our thoughts on what we want to receive or accomplish in our lives. Many people think that setting an in-tention is about “figuring out” what we really want. Some people also confuse intentions and goals altogether.

An intention is at the beginning of every manifesting process. Intention is what begins the cycle of creation.

Whether we are conscious of our intentions or not, we are actually constantly broadcast-ing them into the Universe. Every single circumstance in our lives is the result of an intention we have created. Our entire experience is a mirror of our past intentions. This includes our financial circumstances.

Can you see how important it is to understand the nature of your intentions? If you are working on manifesting money, understanding your intentions is absolutely vital!

How many times have events shown up in your experience, and made you wonder why in the world you attracted THAT? How many times have you created exactly what you consciously wanted? The reality we manifest usually looks at least a little different from the way we imagine it for ourselves! And often it looks very different!

Obviously, then, intention is much larger than conscious thought, or even conscious emotion.

As an energetic Being, you are pretty darn complex. You consist of a third-dimensional aspect — your physical body. You also have a fourth dimensional aspect – your thoughts and emotions. You have conscious and subconscious thought, as well as unconscious patterns that are running in the background of your mind. And of course you have conscious, subconscious and unconscious emotions, too. But you don’t end there! Your Soul is fifth-dimensional … and you also have aspects of yourself at upper-dimensional levels! Yikes – you are a HUGE energetic Being!

No wonder you often create what you did not consciously intend … because your conscious mind is just a very small part of your overall energetic Being!

Your conscious mind is, however, in charge of your Being. Your conscious mind is definitely driving the bus.

However, for an intention to be truly powerful, all your other various aspects have to also jump on the bus and go for the same ride as your conscious mind. Leave your various aspects standing at the curb and … well, they are going on an entirely different ride. The result? You manifest the unexpected, or the inconsistent!

Powerful intentions – intentions that manifest according to what we consciously intend involve all the various aspects of our Being jumping “on board” and heading towards the same destination.

You’ve probably experienced yourself in an uncanny act of manifestation at least once or twice in your life.

One of my favorites was when I manifested a play house for my daughter. I had been browsing on-line, trying to figure out what kind of play house would fit into our yard. One of my issues was that I didn’t have a truck and
would therefore have to have it shipped or delivered, which added up to a considerable expense. I ended up not buying anything.

Two days later, my neighbor called, asking me if we’d like her son’s old play house for our yard. Not only that, but her husband actually drove it over to my house in his truck.

Talk about a perfect instance of manifestation!

We all have experienced this type of event, often with outcomes that we are not terribly invested in or attached to.

These are the times when our conscious mind gets in the driver’s seat, decides on a destination, the entirety of our energetic Being gets on board, and off we go!!!! And – ta-dah! The end result is remarkable.

For that to happen, however, all aspects of our Being have to agree to our conscious mind’s destination.

An intention is an energetic statement of what we want. But “what we want” encompasses the desire of our entire Being to become something new, to evolve, to grow, to expand. Unfortunately, it just so happens that our conscious mind is frequently at odds with the rest of our various aspects!

Our conscious mind may have a plan or goal it is really in love with. Our Soul, meanwhile, doesn’t feel authentically expressed within that plan. And our subconscious may be cowering with all kinds of unac-knowledged fear! Meanwhile, unconscious patterns may be quietly muttering to themselves about what they really want. But our conscious mind is driving that bus, hitting the gas with great determination, refusing to look back and realize that it has left the rest of our Being on a different journey.

The result? Separation, struggle, and a whole lot of nothing manifesting itself!

Let’s work with a slightly different analogy for a secon. Think about the last time you went grocery shopping with a cart that had one or two wheels that kept getting stuck, or wanted to go into their own directions!

What was that shopping experience like? It was probably full of struggle! Pushing that cart was awfully hard work. It was slow going. Maybe in the end you abandon that cart altogether for a different cart.

That’s what it is like when we try to manifest an intention that is not aligned with the totality of our Being! It’s slow, difficult, frustrating, and in the end we may abandon our intention altogether!

In order to manifest effectively, you cannot be in separation within yourself. Your whole Being has to engage in the process, working towards one intention. I am always saying that separation manifests itself as lack. And if you are in lack, you are definitely in separation.

It’s time to get your entire Being on the bus towards a single destination. That might mean your conscious mind needs to negotiate where it’s going with the rest of you!

Financial Intentions

Now we really get to the heart of why manifesting money is … well … tricky.

Your conscious mind can get excited about a dollar amount. If you think of making $20,000 or $30,000 a month, your mind probably starts jumping up and down and saying “yes, I want to go THERE.”

Too bad that your conscious mind has probably not really sat down and figured out what THERE really is.

Money is a concept of value – it only exists because, in our society, we have agreed to use it as a medium of exchange. But money itself is nothing at all. Energetically speaking, it is entirely neutral. Most of our Being does not actually care about money at all. Even our conscious mind doesn’t really care that much about money.

We care about what money represents. Money represents different things for every single person. Not only that, but what money represents shifts and changes as our financial situation changes.

In the end, what we care about is the transformation that money creates in our lives.

You don’t really want to make $30K a month. What you actually want is not to worry about paying your bills, a more reliable car, a nicer home, someone who will clean your house for you, to go out to dinner and take vacations more often, and perhaps to invest and grow your money for your own future or your loved ones.

I’m using a generic example here to illustrate that a money intention is never actually about a dollar amount. It’s about a transformation in lifestyle.

Think about all the components that go into a “lifestyle.” There’s how much and where you work, what you actually do for a living, where you live and how you create your environment, how you structure your leisure time, where you travel, who you spend your time with … there’s a lot that goes into a “lifestyle.”

And if any of the aspect of your Being is not “on board” for the ride to that lifestyle that you consciously want for yourself … well, the money just won’t manifest, either.

It’s very important, when we create our financial intentions, to understand what the money is really about. What transformation do we see for ourselves in our daily lives? From where we are right now, can we get our entire Being to get on the bus towards that destination?

When all of our Being is fully “on board” with our intention, if our wholeness is working towards the same destination – then manifestation is easy. It is effortless.

Live the Transformation in the Present

Obviously, setting a clear money-intention is only part of the money-manifesting puzzle. Once we understand the transformation we intend to create, we can begin creating the energy of our intention in the present moment.

Once you understand you intention, bring as much of that intention as you can into your life.

As much as you can, every day, start living the transformation you want the money to bring into your life. If your money intention includes travel, start taking small day trips. Or even simply work from a coffee shop instead of your office one afternoon a week. The point is to change locations!

If your money is about being debt-free, wrap up loose ends on any projects you have in your life. Follow through on half-forgotten promises, return ignored phone calls, write those thank-you notes you’ve been meaning to get around to.

By creating more of what you want in the present moment, you will actually begin manifesting the money that is intended to create transformation in your life.

Obviously, there is a lot more detail to this process! In my Manifesting Magic program, we actually take a practical, multi-dimensional approach to grounding our intended transformation into the present … but just grasping the essence of the process will help you manifest more effectively!

We can always create a like energy to the energy of our intention, right where we are in our lives.

Stay Present to What Shows Up

Life is a mirror – a perfect reflection of our energetic state of Being. As our Being shifts, so does the reflection! When we begin bringing our desired transformation into the present moment, we invariably create
new results.

Once we have a clear money intention, we can follow the energy of that intention like an energetic trail of bread crumbs to new opportunities and open doors that will help us create the reality we want.

As we navigate that bread crumb trail, we embody more and more of the energy of our intention, until our desired
outcome manifests itself.

We don’t have to know exactly HOW we are going to get where we are going at the start of our journey! After all, can only ever take the next step … and when we do, the next will reveal itself!

All too often, we get hung up on “how” we will get to our desired financial reality. But when we are clear about the transformation we wish to create through manifesting money, the practical “how to” inevitably shows up as we begin embodying the essence of our intention in the present moment.

Ready to manifest your money?

There is so much financial abundance available to you! And creating a new financial reality truly does not have to entail “hard” work, struggle, or compromise.

I’d like to invite you into my Manifestation Magic program. It offers detailed, practical, step-by-step information on manifesting the money you want. I describe in detail the process that I use for manifesting money each and every month into this program – I’ve held nothing back!

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and step into a new financial reality, then this program is for you! Please visit:


Alexander Wilson


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