How to NOT be Boring in Bed (3 Simple Ways)

How to Be More Adventurous in Bed and Keep Her Coming Back for MORE

Do you want some tips on how to pep up your love life? Don’t feel bad if you think if your girlfriend says you’re bad in bed. You are not alone.

It isn’t that you are actually doing it wrong. It may simply mean you must be missing the “boom.” Listen, every guy out there desires to be that “guy” that rocks a woman’s world. Now unless and until you are a complete jerk, great performance in the bedroom makes a woman scream for more sex.

Women are sexual creatures and they love sex just as much as we men do, and sometimes even more. They share sexual fantasy stories, compare sex partners, and talk about us men as if we are just a piece of meat with their girlfriends, just like we men do. So, don’t allow yourself to think they are not sexual. Here’s the good thing: women love talking about sex, what they like, desire, and want from a guy, which means you can gain some insights about doing it right in the bedroom.

The important thing you must remember when reading advice and learning about women’s sexual desires is to read each woman individually. Just because some women normally prefer one thing, doesn’t mean they don’t have distinct needs, wants, or even kinks. When you are sexual with a woman, she needs your focus. You need to get inside her head, actively paying close attention to her responses, and adjust your approach until you get it right.

Tune in to her and pay close attention to her responses. For example, when you do something specific that creates a good sensation in her, simply continue to do it. On the other hand, f you sense she’s becoming less responsiveness to something, simply change your tactic. Sounds very simple, right? But, sadly, most guys try something with a woman, and if they don’t get a positive result, they continue trying harder.

Slow Down So Everyone Can Have an “Orgasm”

In case you are not aware, most guys are shameful for leaving women unsatisfied in the bed. The number one reason for this is not investing enough time during the act. We leave women unsatisfied in the bedroom because we take a fast and furious approach. Many times, when we men are finishing just as women are getting warmed up.

We men don’t need a lot of escalation to load off. We become horny, dick gets hard, dick gets fired up and we blow off. All of this can happen within minutes. From the perspective of instant gratification, that’s amazing. But from a woman’s standpoint, it’s not enough.

Guys masturbate from a very early age too. For a number of reasons, it’s often over and done with very quickly. Unfortunately, we follow this same pattern into the bedroom too. Now, don’t get me wrong. Women masturbate too, and often times, just as quickly as we men do. However, the process of orgasming for women is completely different during sex. They need stimulation (both mental and physical), arousal, and feel desired.

Slowing down when it comes to sex offers a woman all these things she craves. Taking your time, and not hurrying, immediately tells her that you desire her. This makes her feel special, especially when she is expecting a guy who is only concerned about his own orgasm.

So take plenty of time to touch, stroke, nuzzle, kiss, talk “dirty” or “sexy” and explore her body. Every woman you have sex with must be viewed as a piece of art that must be admired. She can immediately tell when you are invested in her pleasure and body.

Give Her Feedback During Sex

If you are truly committed to bringing a woman a lot of pleasure in the bedroom, she’ll return the favour. No matter she is touching your body, kissing you, stroking or sucking your dick, she needs to hear that she is doing it well.

Most men are usually not verbal during sex. This makes women wondering if they are doing things right, or should she just give up and let you screw her. Remember when I said “tune in” to her head, paying attention to her responses? Guess what, you must respond to her too.

Just think about your job for example. When you do something really well, you get rewards and recognition. It makes you work even harder the next time. You feel confident doing your job and feel appreciated by your boss and teammates. Women in bed are exactly the same. When you give her positive feedbacks to her sex techniques in bed, she’ll get motivated to work even harder to get more. She’ll become more eager to please you, simply because it is working.

So, you must let her know. Don’t shy away from telling her how good it makes you feel whatever she is doing to you. Heck, even an arched back and a pleasurable mumble is great feedback. Being vocal when it comes to sex is extremely important to creating a more willing and eager partner.

Educate Yourself More About Sex

Just ask yourself what you know about sex. Do you know what a “G-spot” is? Do you even know where it is? What does multi-orgasmic mean? How many positions do you know? Do you know the right stroke for different positions?

If you don’t know the answers to some, or all, or any of these questions, then you must invest some time to educate yourself more about sex. If you wanted a job as a plumber, you just can’t be given a pipe wrench and told to get on with it. You’ll only screw yourself. Just like everything else in the world, education goes a long way.

You must know that most women crave for variety. They need to feel something more just than routine. Routine is just going to lead things to less and less arousal during sex. Listen. It is not just about trying different positions. It is also about trying different techniques in different positions.

For instance, when you are giving her a doggy, a shallow, shorter thrust is often good than a deep one. During Cuban Plunge (man on top, her knees up, and her legs on your shoulders), the stroke will be deep, but you must also understand the difference between too deep vs. pleasurable deep. During Spooning sex, your stimulation will be higher, so you’ll have to pace to stop from loading off too quickly. Are you changing your angle to thrust her in an upward stroke that stimulates her g-spot? Are you stroking her clit while fucking?

These are just a few basic things about sex you might want to be aware of. Believe me, there are plenty more to list in this post. The good news is that there are excellent resources on this topic. There are several books that can give great insights into expanding your sexual knowledge and skill sets. The key to success in bed is to learn and apply good bedroom tactics.

Listen, you want to have a great time in bed, right? So do women too. I don’t care what others tell you, men are often the main culprit for good or bad sexual encounters. Just go and ask any women, and you’ll rarely hear her say, “I was terrible in bed.” What you’ll often hear is: “He was kind of boring.”, “He’s selfish,” “He didn’t get me off.” Notice something? It’s always us.

So “fix” these issues by educating yourself, and learn to read her responses and change your tactics accordingly. Above all, keep it original, fun, and vocal. Don’t focus on your own “orgasm”, your new-found bedroom skills will have her making sure you are.

Stay chilled,