How To Tell A Girl Likes YOU

how to tell a girl likes you

Sure-fire Signs a Girl Is Into You

If you were to be absolutely honest with yourself, how many times have you thought about being able to read a woman’s mind? A bet uncountable times.

The desire to know what women think about us goes as far as the elementary school, where you often passed the “does she like me?” with a simple “Yes” or “No” tick box. Men have always desired the attention of women. Unfortunately, in the modern age, it’s not as easy to get a “Yes” answer from women as it was in the old days

Rather than a simple “yes” or “no” answer, what most guys often get is a left or a right swipe.

The bad news is that many guys are completely unaware of all the little signs of interest that women send out their way when they are interested in you. You could be walking through your life completely oblivious to all these signs, while the smokin’ HOT chick at the club walks away feeling disappointed.

The goods news is that there’s a way to spot these signs. And this article will walk you through everything you need to know about how to read signs that a woman is interested in you.

Watch What Her Body Language is Telling You

Reading body language must be the first most important skill you must learn. The funny thing is that we are completely oblivious of what our body is telling about us to others.

Reading body language and influencing the other person using body language has been used throughout the century. It has been used from sales to politics — and it can also be used in knowing if the woman you’re talking to likes you.

Knowing exactly what it means when a woman moves in closer to you or makes physical contact with you or touches her hair can be powerful in knowing how to make the most out of every interaction.

Watch Her Body Position

Have you ever been in a situation where you are talking to a girl and you felt that she was not paying attention to you? Maybe she was constantly checking out her phone, or looking over your shoulders at the door, or just answering you with one-word answers.

Most likely, she gave you big signs of disinterest. She might not have been attracted to you, and because you failed to notice, the situation got worse. By paying close attention to these visual cues her body is projecting, you can read what her body language is telling you, and tweak your strategy, accordingly.

body position

All legendary sportsperson had an air-tight game plan, and so should you. Knowing what her body position is telling about you can be powerful in timing your approach and the flow of the conversation.

When a woman likes you, her body will face in your direction. You are her primary focus. If a woman’s torso is facing towards you in an open manner that means she is interested in what you have to say to her and she wants to know more about you.

Another body language you must watch out for is the direction her feet are pointing. Just like with her torso, if her feet are facing towards you, either consciously or unconsciously, that can be a tell-tale sign that she is attracted to you or at least engaged by your conversation.

Body language is a big sign of attraction, and the interesting thing about it is that these signs are hard to fake or duplicate consciously. So if a girl you’re talking to seems to be safe around you and is open to knowing more about you, the direction of her torso and feet will show it.

This is particularly true if she is in a group of five or more people, which definitely means she is into you.

On the other hand, if her torso is facing away from you, or her legs and arms are crossed and folded, then she is either a) shy … or b) she’s creating a barrier between the two of you. At this moment, pay attention to where her eyes are roaming. If she is constantly looking over your shoulders, she is probably waiting for a better option to come, and you must captivate her attention, as soon as possible.

Does She Look at You When She Laughs

Many of you might already know laughter is the window to one’s soul, but what many of you do not realize is that it can also be a clear sign of interest from a woman that she’s flirting with you. There are plenty of psychological and biological reasons for this.

If you are talking to a group of friends and you are the first guy she looks to first when everyone around starts giggling then this can be a surefire sign she is into you. It can tell you she is really interested in your reaction and wants to see if you find it funny too.

She does this just to determine what you think is funny and whether or not you both could work together as a couple.

On the other hand, if she looks at other people when everyone laughs, do not worry. If she continues to look towards you then she is definitely interested in you.

But be careful though not to be too obvious looking at her, cause this can make things awkward quickly if she senses you are also analyzing her just the same way she is to you.

If you are interested to know how women determine a man’s interest level, then I suggest you read this article about signs that a woman looks for in order to know if a man likes her.

watch what her eyes are telling you

Watch What Her Eyes Are Telling You

Do you want some science? When women spot something they are attracted to, their pupils will suddenly buldge up to three times its normal size to receive the stimulant.

Now, of course, it sounds flattering when you think you are stimulating a woman, but you must be really careful not to misread these signs. You want to watch out for the change in the size of her pupils because there are other factors that can make her pupils dilate too, like alcohol or sunlight.

The best time to observe her eyes is when you ask her something or when you offer her something. If you catch her pupil dilate when you do any of these two things then that’s a really good indicator that she is into you.

Now let’s go beyond science. You will also find that if a woman immediately looks down as soon as she catches you making an eye contact with her, or if she holds your gaze for a few seconds, then that means she is attracted to you.

A shy girl might not be so eager to hold your gaze, but a more confident and outgoing woman might be inclined to do so. This can be a great way to determine what type of women you are dealing with, and escalate your interaction, based on what you prefer — a shy or a more outgoing woman.

Is She Accidently Touching You/ Or Trying To Get Close To You

This is perhaps the strongest signs of attraction and also the easiest to determine. But you must remember that a lot of this will depend on the context of the situation.

For example, if a random chick bumps into you in a crowded club, maybe it could just because of the crowded club. But if a girl continues to bump into you several times and keeps touching you at different situations, then that’s a big sign of interest.

You’ll notice that accidental touching has its own psychological value. And you can easily tell if the touch is accidental or not just by using some common sense. This could come in different forms from touching your arm and shoulder, brushing your hand, or even falling over you.

Pay attention to how she reacts to your touches. Focus your attention on her torso and feet to see if they are pointing towards you and if her pupil dilate when you speak to her or try to touch her, which are all huge signs that she is attracted to you.

Remember one thing though: not all girls are fond of touching, and if she isn’t touching you do not assume that she is not into you. Just test to determine the boundaries, but do not try to push it too far.

is she looking at you when everyone laughs

Indicators of Interest, Explained

If you really want to understand indicators of interest from women, you must consider other things than just body language alone. Many women will send off other signs of interest to you to let you know that she is attracted to you.

An indicator is just a sign that a woman is attracted to you. These signs can be given out in various forms and this section we’ll talk about them to understand what you must watch out for.

Pay attention and respond to her compliments

When a girl gives you a compliment, it is worth to know what the compliment is about.

Sometimes, a woman is looking for you to react to her compliments, and sometimes, can also be sarcastic so make sure not to jump at an opportunity way too early. Look out for if she is smiling at you while she asks you all these questions and watch her body language when you respond to her.

If a girl is giving you a compliment this can be a surefire way of her showing she is attracted to you and you must pick up on this really quickly.

Her voice gets high-pitched

Have you ever noticed when you are shopping for something, and then within a few weeks, you spot that item everywhere in the market? That’s your brain looking for something that before it gave no attention to.

By training your mind to focus on particular aspects of talking to women, you’ll quickly be able to spot signs of attraction a lot easier. Here’s a great example of doing this with her tone of voice.

This is something a lot of guys, unless they are really focused, will NOT pick up on. But once you begin to pay close attention to how a woman’s tone of voice changes when she is talking with you, you can immediately tell a lot about them, such as:

  • If she is attracted to you
  • If she is bored
  • If she is offended
  • If she is to jump your bones
  • If she is intrigued by you

Just like body language, the change in voice tone is an unconscious action. Torso facing towards you, feet pointing towards you, eyes dilating and voice tone changing all belong to the same category.

The interesting thing about this is that a woman won’t even be aware of doing this, but when they spot a guy they are attracted to, it happens automatically. Her voice will change in either one of the two following ways.

Her voice becomes high pitched, sort of more childlike to a flirty tone. Or, her voice deepens into a much more sultry tone. The main purpose of changing the tone of her voice is to get your attention in a flirty way.

Just like with paying close attention for other unconscious actions, it’s all about paying attention to the change.

She Tries to Get Your Attention or Make You Jealous

It’s not always we men like to make other people feel jealous. Interested women also act in similar ways in a lot of different situations. When it comes to getting something that we truly want, we want that attention all to ourselves.

And guess what? There’s always an excellent way to tell if a woman likes you while also doing it without coming across as a creep.

When you meet a new person in your life, you hardly ever remember what the other person said the first time. However, you do remember the last moment, and how they made you feel once you left.

With this knowledge in mind, when you are talking to a woman you sense she is into you, give yourself a good reason to leave the interaction early. No, I don’t mean you run for the next girl at the bar, but just give yourself a reason to leave the conversation, while also making sure to leave it on a high note.

For example, do something memorable, make her feel special or leave at the height of your conversation. Don’t drag the interaction to the point where you both walked away just because you ran out of things to say to each other.

When you do this, you must look out for the response you receive. If the woman simply walks away and doesn’t give you a second look she could not be that interested in you. In that case, you might not have made a good impression on her.

On the other hand, if you spot that her eyes keep on finding yours, or she finds an excuse to talk to you again or generally tries to get your attention, then these are all signs that she is attracted to you.

Some women will go as far as trying to make you jealous. In this case, it is a very good idea not to react to it and seem unfazed. This keeps you in control of the conversation, and you can then decide at what stage you want to speak to her again.

21 Sure-fire Signs a Woman Wants You

Here’s a quick list of the signs that you should be looking for when trying to figure out whether or not a girl likes you:

  • She calls you a player
  • She gets jealous
  • She gets closer to you
  • She asks your age
  • She laughs at your jokes (even if its downright silly)
  • She asks your name
  • She keeps on making eye contact
  • She finds reasons to talk to you
  • She gives you a lot of compliments
  • She asks you if you are single
  • She makes future plans with you
  • She keeps the conversation going
  • She asks you for personal information
  • She lightly touches you
  • She plays with her hair
  • She playfully teases you
  • She acts extra girlie
  • She gives genuine smiles
  • She gives you a flirty nickname
  • She sends you random texts
  • She wants to introduce you to her friends

15 Signs She Is NOT Interested In You

Just as important it is to know if a woman is interested in you, you must also know if she is not into you. Now, it is true that women often send mixed signals to keep a guy guessing (check out this article on the subject of what hot and cold behaviour actually means), however, some of the signs might be telling you straight away that she doesn’t want to do anything with you again. Here are a few examples of the most common signs a gives off if she is not into you.

  • She says you are too “nice”
  • She never touches you back
  • She flakes on you
  • She doesn’t ask you any personal information
  • She says she has a boyfriend
  • She doesn’t want to be alone with you
  • She makes an excuse to leave a conversation
  • She gives one-word answers
  • She doesn’t take out time to hang out with you
  • She talks about other guys she is dating
  • She waits too long to text you back
  • She is not nervous when around you
  • She won’t be near you without her friend
signs a girl is interested in you

What To Do When a Woman is Interested in You? Always Yield To ACTION

So, now that you know how to pick up signs of interest from a woman, you must also know what to do after that with all that information.

The big problem with most guys is that they simply do not take action and wait too long until the girl completely lose interest in him. When this happens these guys then try to reassure themselves that it wasn’t meant to be and they keep on repeating the same mistake over and over again.

So next time you spot these signs of interest from women, always yield to action. Just one sign of interest, like her holding an eye contact may not be enough to tell she is interested in you, but if you continue to notice other two or three signs of interest listed above then consider those to be green lights.

This is when you must take action and make your move on her and draw in the conversation. When talking to her, make sure to keep changing the conversation gears to different levels. Tease her about something she does or says, try to slip into sexual innuendos into the conversation without coming across as a creep, or escalate your interaction by holding strong eye contact, or touching her hand, face, or back.

“Go Direct” To Get More Clear Answers

Here’s another big issue that so many guys run into. They get hung up for an answer from a girl when they could simply just asked for it.

You see, many girls do not want to escalate a situation first. They are waiting for you to make your move first to take things to the next level. Women will often try to match you on these escalations you make on them but they won’t make the first move because they are scared of rejection if they act first.

Remember this: you don’t have to perform a stunt or anything she might feel uncomfortable with. For example, I would not recommend that you ram down your tongue right down her throat at the first sight of her interest in you. However, you can go direct with her.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying to a girl exactly what you think about her. Tell her that you find her attractive, that you are interested in her, and ask her if she finds you interesting and attractive too. For most women, this is a refreshing change, but just keep in mind to do this without coming across as a creep.

Time to Apply Your New-found Wisdom About Whether or Not She Is Into You Out in the Real World

Remember that you may have all the knowledge in the world, but if you do not act on that knowledge then it’s of no use to you. The great thing about these signs of interests and body language is that you can apply this knowledge to every area of your life.

You can practice reading body language at work, at a nearby cafe, and definitely when you are at the club or a bar. If you aren’t so sure right now to go out and put your knowledge into practice into the field right way you can even observe others in a conversation.

For example, you can watch how women react to other men and what they say and learn to pick up those signs of interest. Once you learn how to pick up signs of interest from women, then knowing when to escalate becomes way easier.

Stay chilled,

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