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Different Styles of Flirting

Being able to flirt, anytime, anywhere, is a must-have skill if you truly want to build an A-game with girls. You may memorise openers and routines, peacock, or build a strong inner game, but if you do not know how to escalate a conversation through flirting then you’ll most likely fail with women.

Competitive flirting

In the competitive flirting, you have a conversation with a girl using a combination of slight sarcasm and dry wit. Here’s an example of this type of flirting:

Girl: My name is Marine, and I am from France.

You: Oh my God you’re Marine? I had a relationship with a girl named Marine and she broke my heart… Now, I can’t even talk to you anymore.

Girl: No, no, I’m the good one!

You: Okay fine, but I’ll have to keep my eye on you!

I used this line with a girl after 10 minutes into our conversation, and it added a nice touch during our “get to know you” phase.

Sometimes, I also bust on girls early on in our interaction.

Me: Oh la la, you also have a Spanish accent?

Her: Maybe…

Me: You know, I often find people with a Latin accent to be good for nothings…!

Her: (inhales air, and she becomes slightly shocked at seeing how offensive I’m being with her)

Me: But you make it sound sexy and elegant. (Then she begins to calm down) In fact, if you were leading the world, I’d put my money on the Latin rising again. (Now, she beings to laugh).

Here what I am doing is jabbing her just a little bit to capture her attention, and then follow up with a hug and kiss just to show that I mean no harm to her. This type of competitive flirting can work like magic early on in the conversation to spike her attraction towards you.

Co-operating flirting

Cooperating flirting is different. Instead of jabbing her to get her attention, you suck her into your world and create that “you and me = us” vibe.

Her: On that reminds me of my trip to New York with my friend when I was in my early 20s…

You: Yeah, also the Miami and the Florida…

Her: Oh, or the California…

You: Wow, you’re such an experienced traveller. I’m going to take you to my next week-long vacation.

Her: Oh, so when are we going to go?

Did you notice what happened? You created travel diaries where the two of you were flirting about something that would never probably happen, but which is still fun to imagine? It’s fun and cooperative.

Here’s another example that is slightly different.

Your pal: Abishek, meet Julia.

You: Julia, nice meeting you!

Her: Nice meeting you too Abishek.

You: Wow, just look at your hair… it is really beautifully done.

Her: Oh, thank you!

You: I was thinking doing mine the same way (and she laughs, and now you stroke her hair), but I can’t match your softness, seems like you have spent 20 minutes with the conditioner. Any girl who takes that much time and care of her hair, I am really excited to meet.

Her: (cracking up, and not quite sure how to respond).

You: So how long have you been…

I do things like this all the time when I meet girls. It is goofy and over the top, but these sort of stuff always work well.

When she flirts with you

In a couple of examples above, she’s leading your hand and asking “come on, let’s play together!” This is, of course, a GOOD THING! Just play along with her! Here’s where you could take the interaction above…

You: And did you said dancing too?

Her: Yeah, salsa, bachata, tango, and a merengue.

You: Wow, that’s incredible. What’s your favourite, or best at?

Her: Ummmm, I should say Salsa, because you get really close, and really connect with the guy (giggles)

You: Okay cutie, that sounds like something I want to know. Let’s see how we do it together (extend your hand). (You both start to dance together — now here you have two responses)

Competitive: wow, wow, wow, that is TOO close! I often charge money for that.

Cooperative: I am absolutely loving this — I feel that I could follow your lead and let you take me wherever you took me. (and say the word “wherever” in a flirty way).

Did you notice the difference? Both generate excellent opportunities for more playful touching and kissing if you do it the Right way.

Okay, now I want you to go out there and start having some fun, playful, and flirtatious conversations with girls, and come back and tell me what your next sticking points are.

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