The Lazy Man’s Guide To Giving Women Compliments

How to Compliment Girls

How to Compliment A Girl The Proper Way


So you see a girl at the mall you like to meet.

She is fun, cool, hot, and everything… you want to hook up with her and even make her your girlfriend.

Well, nothing’s wrong with that. But let me ask you this first…

What’s the one thing you can give a woman that she will absolutely love getting from but that doesn’t cost you a thing?

A kiss? Perhaps that might work, but you just can’t simply walk up to some random chicks on the street you never met before and land her a kiss… without coming across as a “creep.”

You d!ck? Haha. Yeah. But 99.99% of the time she’s not going to go for that (unless you are incredibly lucky!)

Out of wits?

Alright, here it is…


Before you roll out your eyes how simple this could be, I have another question for you… how can you give a compliment to a girl without coming across as creepy or weird? Or even more importantly, how can you give a girl a compliment so that she becomes obsessed with you?

Haha… I got you on this one for sure, didn’t I?

Alright, here’s your answer:

If you truly want to give a sincere and genuine compliment to a girl so that you don’t come across as a weird or a creep, then the compliment you give must meet one of these two criteria: you must either a) compliment on her efforts or b) compliment on her uniqueness. Now, let’s talk about both of these a little further.

Complimenting On A Girl’s Uniqueness:

Every one has a few qualities that they are very proud of.

Some of the examples of uniques qualities could be… a beautiful and unique name, amazing long and slender fingers, mastery over a skill like dancing or singing, upbeat personality or extremely happy — someone who literally lights up the room, etc, etc.

So if you can figure out unique qualities of the girl you want to hook up with or make her your girlfriend, and give a sincere and genuine compliment to her based on it, she’ll really appreciate your ability to notice this quality that she is so proud of.

Keep reading and you’ll discover a few examples of compliments you can give to ANY girl you meet about her uniqueness!

Complimenting On A Girl’s Efforts:

This is where you compliment a woman about something she invested a significant amount of time, effort, and resources to accomplish something.

It’s all about figuring out what her “pride and joy” is and giving a genuine and sincere compliment to her about it.

Sidenote: this doesn’t have to something amazing that she did. It can be anything that she spent a few hours on accomplishing it, as long as she invested a significant amount of time and effort into accomplishing it.

The trick is NOT to give her a compliment about something she did NOT spend a significant amount of time doing it or didn’t take a long time to decide on. If you do, you will only confuse her and risk coming across as a “try hard” or even a “creep.”

Keep reading and you will discover a few examples that you can use when giving a compliment on her efforts when you finally meet that special someone!

Turning the tables

Before I give you some examples, I want to make sure you understand how powerful this trick can be.

Right now, I want you to think about something unique about you… or something you have invested a significant amount of time accomplishing something you admire. It could be learning to play a sport (a basketball), or a job you held for over 20 years, or your 1980 souped-up car, or it could be your 6-pack abs, or the wooden shed you secretly built, etc. etc… the list goes on… but I want you to just think of one thing right now!

Personally, the one thing I am really proud of myself is my car.

Now, my car isn’t fancy. It is just a 2005 Lexus with only over 100,000 miles on it that I bought a few years ago for around $6000.

But, I have to be honest that I spend a great deal of time taking a good care of it. I make sure to clean it at least twice a week. There isn’t a scratch, smudge, or dent on the car. On top of that, it also has a “new car” air freshener inside.

Now, if a hot chick got inside my car and said “Wow, this car looks great… It looks relatively new. Oh my God… it also has a new car smell to it!” I seriously would have asked this girl to marry me right at that moment.

I would have nothing but a genuine feeling of appreciation and love for this girl and it was all from a very small compliment on something that I am personally proud of.

And now just imagine an average looking girl told you something similar… how would you react?

You see, women are more emotional than men. Whatever kind of impact this could have on you… you can be certain that it would be as twice as strong on ANY woman you are talking to.

Now let me give you a few examples to help you accomplish this.

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Okay now let’s move on to some useful tips for applying the magical power of compliments into your daily life.

Unique Compliment Application

A few weeks ago, I met a beautiful blonde at a shopping mall.

I noticed her sitting by herself checking out her mobile so I walked up to her and said, “Hi, my name is Abishek, I often come here shopping. What’s your name?”

She smiled at me and I replied “My name is Serenity, nice meeting you, Abishek!”

Without waiting to bat an eye for a second, I repleid, “Wow… Serenity?? I have never met someone with the name Serenity before. It’s so unique and sounds so beautiful.”

She said, “Wow, thank you so much! Is that true? Yeah, I know, some people like it and others don’t but…”

I cut her short and said, “Yeah, that’s right. I kinda love the name Serenity! But I find my name to be boring. I always wish my parents have chosen a better and a unique name like yours!”

Then the girl was literally putty in my hands. She was actually new in town and didn’t know anybody else so we hung out together for the rest of the night.

Not surprisingly, we ended up hooking up that night and a few other nights after that.

Believe me or not, but this all started with just one sincere and genuine compliment. I immediately found something unique about her and gave a sincere and genuine compliment. Everybody likes their name, and so giving a genuine and sincere compliment about it is a sure-fire way to get you a good response.

Effort Compliment Application:

Now let me give you another example of giving a compliment about something where someone invested significant time, effort, or other resources.

Just last weekend, I went along with some of my buddies to a girls apartment to chill out for the evening before heading out for the night.

The first thing we did when we arrived at this girl’s house was to go on a tour.

The house was quite impressive, but as I got inside one of the girl’s roommate’s rooms I was simply blown away with how amazingly the room was decorated and immediately I sensed this girl was most likely very proud of her room.

It was at that moment that I said, “Wow… what an amazing room, I feel like I am actually inside a painting. How did you even come up with all these kind of amazing ideas??”

What a great compliment!

Her roommate’s face literally lit up and she starts showing me around different parts of her room explaining to me how she and all her roommates have sort of a competition about whose room looks cool and she secretly believes that her room looks the best.

I and this girl immediately hit it off for the rest of the night.

We didn’t hook up that night but we did a few nights later.

Again, this all happened with one sincere and genuine compliment about an observation. I really had no idea it would initiate a conversation about her friendly competition with her roommates… but it actually did and that put me in her good graces for the night.

Magnitude Matters:

Remember that the more time the other person invest in something or the more unique the quality.. the more powerfully effective the compliment is.

The most common example is somebody’s kids.

If you just walk up to my mother and said, “Your son, Abishek is such a wonderful kid. You did a wonderful job raising him!”

My mom’s face would literally light up like a bulb.

Of course, she has spent numerous years (time), effort, and resources raising me and if you give a sincere and genuine compliment to her for a job done well you are 3 steps ahead in her good graces… forever.

Now, of course, not everybody has children. But everybody has something they have spent a significant amount of time, energy, and resources into.

Ask her about her work/hobbies and be observant about how long she spends time, energy, and resources on it. Maybe she did Salsa for 20 years, you could say “Man, Salsa dancers have never failed to impress me. The way they can move their body so elegantly has always blown my mind. I could barely move my body.”

Did you just see what you manage to do there? You complimented her on an activity she spent 20 years of her life in.

After this, you’re money in her eyes.

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Creepy Compliments:

As you may already know, there is nothing worse than when a compliment comes out as weird or creepy.

So remember this rule… do NOT give a compliment that has ANY sexual connotation if you have not built a connection first.

For example, walking up to a random girl at the mall and saying “Wow! You have such a nice ass…” is a big no-no. That girl will most immediately creep out fast.

But if you have spent a couple of hours with a girl and want to give her a compliment about something physical about her then here’s the right way to do it.

“Listen. It might sound weird, but I have to tell you something. You have an amazing smile. You probably must be in the crest commercial or something… how come your teeth so white and straight?”

I would NOT give any compliment about her butt, legs, stomach or breasts because they are highly sexually oriented.

Use your common sense. There will be a time to compliment on these things, but usually only if she brings them up.

Remember this: if you feel wierd and creep saying it, then it probably must be creepy.

Let Yourself Have Fun:

I don’t think I have even said this before, but, just have with all this, okay?

Compliments are one of the most effective and quickest ways to practice approaching girls, and make them feel good about themselves, and even more importantly, making yourself feel good about yourself.

Compliments are the most effective tools for a thriving social life.

If given Right they have the potential to spark so much positive energy that they make things happen almost as if by magic.

They ease the atmosphere around two people and gently bring them together.

Be positive. Spread the love. And just have fun.

And by the way, if you really need more tactics on stepping up your compliment game to the next level or just attracting more women into your life, then I highly suggest that you check out this free video below.

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