The Ultimate Guide For Texting Girls

ultimate guide to texting a girl

Are You Sending These 5 “Nice Guy” Texts That Repel Women Away?

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Since text messaging is a new tool in the dating and seduction community, most of us don’t have a clue of texting girls that creates attraction.

Because of this reason, many guys continue to make the same old classic mistakes of blowing out with women when it comes to texting a girl they like).

A lot of guys wrongly think (and believe) that the reason why a girl doesn’t respond to their text message after the initial meetup is that she is not into him.

But, often times, the reason why a girl is not responding to his texts turns out to be something else. It often turns out that he didn’t do a very good job in keeping the girl engaged (interested) in him over his text messages.

And, in this fast-paced world driven by mobile devices, texting girls is a vital skill that no guy on the planet can risk not mastering. And just like any other skills, texting skill requires knowledge, application, and refinement.

Now, before I give you different types of texts that attract and keep women into your life, you must first understand the main purpose of text messaging.

3 Main Purposes Of Texting A Girl

Often time, you’re going to send texts to a girl for any one of these 3 reasons:

  1. You want to make a brief initial contact right after notching up her phone number
  2. You want to be at the top of her mind until the next time you meet her.
  3. You want to use texts to take your relationship with a girl to a much more intimate (sexual) level.

3 Major Texting Mistakes Most Guys Make That Kills Attraction

Before I spill the beans for you on what you must learn when texting girls, I want to go briefly over some of the major texting mistakes that most guys make that ruin their chances of anything happening with the girl they like.

Major Mistake #1: Sending go nowhere boring texts. You know, the kind of texts that serves no purpose at all, like, “Hey, how is it going?” or “Hey, wassup?” Texts like these DO NOT help you stand out from the pool of other guys who are trying to get her attention.

Major Mistake #2: Sending texts too often. Sending one text after another to a girl will destroy mystery, suspense, and arousal. But, on the other hand, if you text her sparingly, she’ll be way excited to see your texts again.

Major Mistake #3: Trying to have conversations over texts. This is another big mistake that a lot of inexperienced guys make. They try to have a conversation over text. Having a conversation over text is certainly not the best way to get to know her more.

Besides these major texting mistakes, a lot of guys also make other major mistakes, such as:

  • Trying way too hard to seek her approval
  • Always seeming eager to respond to her, or responding to her QUICKLY
  • Not being flirty and sexual over texts.
  • Letting her control the flow of texting (she often ends the back and forth banter over texts)

Wanna know what type of texts get her attracted to you instead?

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Simple (And Easy) Ways To Flirt With A Girl Over Texts

Every single text you send to a girl must have some elements of flirtatiousness. You must NEVER send a text that doesn’t at least show a fun side of your personality.


Because, during the first few texts, you want to come across as a guy who KNOWS how to have fun and become flirty and playful around women. In other words, your texts MUST always demonstrate that you are living a fun and exciting life.

So, next time when texting girls, make sure to keep it light, playful, and fun BEFORE jumping to real (serious) talk, and then, again go back to being light, playful, and fun.

The main idea is to have a back and forth banter with a girl… and leave the interaction on a high note, either by NOT responding back or by ending it by texting something back like, “see ya later… alligator.”

Get it?

It is also super important to SHOW a little bit of your personality here and there in these texts and completely AVOID sending her ‘boring’ texts.

This also means NOT sending any texts that read like “I’m bored,” or if she asks you what you’re up to, “Nothing much.”

Instead, respond to her by being interesting, challenging, and mysterious.

NEVER boring. (Check out another kick-ass article on texting girls you might find helpful.)

3 Simple (Yet Highly Effective) Rules To Flirting Over Texts

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1. Each text MUST provide value, not take it.

Check your mobile phone and go over the ‘sent’ texts and notice yourself how many times you sent a text to a girl that read something like, “how is it going?” or “what you are up to?”

Now, I want you to delete those messages, and PROMISE yourself NEVER ever to send these types of boring messages to a girl.


Because these texts do nothing to SHOW your awesome personality, and what they do is put the woman on the spot to keep the interaction going. In other words, you’re giving her all the control.

And, because a HOT chick is most likely getting countless of these messages from every other guy she has met, every day… they start to ANNOY her.


Every text you send to a girl must provide some kind of value to her. It MUST ALSO include some elements of your fun, playful, and flirty side of your personality.

A much more flirtatious (and effective) text to send to a girl would be something along the line, “You just popped into my head and I just had to say HI” or “STOP thinking about me! :)”

Why these type of texts WORK?

Simply because these texts don’t put the burden of response on her… but instead they make her want to respond to your texts.

Remember, every text you send to a girl MUST give some value.

2. Always keep it light, fun, and playful when texting a girl.

Texting must not be used to get to know a girl better.

Rather, view it as a way to give a sneak preview of the kind of person you are as a man.

It must be like a “movie trailer” version of your personality, playfulness, and humour.

And you must flirt with her, for god sake.

When texting a girl, use the same flirty vibe you would when interacting with her face to face. This means making her laugh, negging her, and teasing her. In short, making her smile. This way, she’ll anticipate your next text from you.

If you just met a girl on the street and you intend to send her a text the next day… DO NOT send messages that read something like, “Hey, it is Aby, it was nice meeting you the other day. What are you doing?”

Instead, begin interacting with her with something light, fun, and playful, that gives her a sneak peek (“movie trailer”) of your personality.

A much better (and effective) way of texting a girl would be “Is it way too soon to initiate a casual text? I mean, I just met you the other day. Maybe, we should wait for a while!” Or “Do you speak text?” (credit Sinn)

Can you sense how much more engaging and fun it would be for her if she gets these type of text messages rather than those boring “hey, wassup?” type texts?

3. Amplify suspense and tension when texting girls.

Can you recall a day when you texted a girl and she took hours to send you a text back?

What was going on in your head during that time when you were waiting for her response?

Of course, you were drooling about HER.

You must build anticipation when texting girls. At all times. It creates a roller coaster effect in your messages. It makes you appear vague, sometimes unpredictable, and leave her all excited and wondering about YOU.

So if you are one of those guys who usually text a girl back within a few minutes after she texts you… every fifth-time WAIT for at least 20 to 60 minutes to text her back. Sometimes, WAIT until the next day.


Because it creates that much-needed space and gives her a lot of time to think about you in her head. It allows her to experience the thrill of waiting for your next message. This is perhaps the most important thing you must always remember when texting a girl.

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What To Text A Girl?

Remember, over your first two texts, you must NEVER try to set up a meeting with the girl you want to date. Instead, as I said earlier, you are just trying to SHOW her that you’re a fun, flirty, and playful guy. So, obviously, your first couple of texts MUST be sent to SHOW this side of your personality… and ALSO, to figure out if she is someone that you have any kind of CONNECTION with.

The main purpose of texting a girl is to… flirt with her, establish a small connection, and then, get her thinking about you.

In other words, you get her to feel that she’ll miss out on you by not being with you… and restrain from answering every question she may ask you. Keep your texts vague, sometimes short as possible, but layered with fun persona. For example, if you are just sending texts to keep in touch with a girl you could send her something like:

“I just got a pair of jeans for $12. I’m super pumped.”

If you are texting her for the first time, you can send something like:

“Hey dork, what’s up?”

Another incredible thin you can do is ASSUME connection. This means you just jump right into texting her without going in detail every other aspect about your life.

“My puppy is hilarious…”

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Foolproof Texting Girls Game Plan (Always WORKS)

Now, of course, there’s a lot of things you must keep in mind when texting a girl, which I can’t explain them all to you in this one article. But, I highly suggest that you watch this free video presentation to discover 3 texts to ask her out on a date.

This video goes into detail on how to answer all kinds of texts that a girl might ever send you (and what clever banter lines to use while texting her to spark instant attraction).

You see, text game has become a secret weapon when it comes to keeping in touch with girls and keeping them interested (and hooked) in you. If you are completely clueless about what you should be texting to a girl you like, then I highly recommend that you (watch this short video presentation now).

Stay chilled,


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