Using “Cold Reading PUA” to Get an (Easy) Lay


In my previous article, I discussed how you can use sexual storytelling to establish sexual frames and the two types of stories you must master to quickly establish those sexual frames.

Today, I’m going to talk about something that I use almost all the time when picking up women: cold read.

What is cold reading?

The cold reading is an ancient art form of truisms and telling something about people that are true about them but doing it in such a way that makes it appear as if it’s very psychic and personal.

Fortunetellers often practice cold reading techniques.

When it comes to cold reading, we basically set the cold read as something as either a standard cold read or a compliment.

When we cold read someone by giving her a compliment, it basically sets the frame by giving her a compliment, validating her, based on how we want her to react.

So, for example, I might say something to a girl like:

Fortunetellers often practice cold reading techniques.

“As I am sitting here listening to you talking to me, one of the important things I’ve discovered about you is that you’re a go-getter type: like you are the type of person like if you truly want something, you really go after it no matter what. Like, for example, I can bet that in college if there was a guy you were attracted to or a dance queen position you wanted to win or some cheerleading spotter that you wanted, you just went for it and I think it’s very attractive even though I think you’re a kind of a dork.”

So what you’re trying to do here with a cold read compliment is that you want to give her a compliment or make a statement of interest by saying her something like:

  • “I think that’s attractive”
  • “I find that highly sexy”
  • “That’s badass and I admire you for that.”

Just enough to let the girl know that you are interested in her but you don’t overdo it in a needy or emotional way.

And then, we do a release.

The release may be a simple non-sexual tease.

  • “Even you are such a weirdo.”
  • “Even though you suck at it.”
  • “Too bad you are such a dork.”

The main idea behind a “compliment cold reading” is that we use the cold read to validate her, but if we only validate her without making that statement of intent then we’re not going to be able to escalate with girls.

We want to escalate the conversation by having the girl let you hit on her.

The more she allows us to signal interest, the more she lets us escalate, and then, the further we progress, and then, we need a release just so that we don’t risk coming across as the overly desperate guy.

The non-sexual tease does the trick and prevents us from becoming an overly aggressive guy hungry for sex.

The other type of cold read is what I like to call “standards cold reading”, which implies a relationship and offers the girl a reward for framing herself.

So for an example, a standard framing would be something like:

  • “You’re not the jealous type, are you?”


  • “You’re not the dramatic type, are you?”

The reason why I ask these type of questions is that I want to quickly figure out if she lives up to my relationship quality or standards.

I ask the girl if she’s the jealous type or dramatic type because it lets her know I am evaluating her and she immediately knows what’s going on.

This frames me as being interested in her sexually and also gives me a chance to show to her that I am assessing her as I set my sexual frames.

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