Using “Mini Cold Reads” for Seducing Beautiful Women

Last night I found an article posted by Tyler Durden, the guy from Neil Stauss’s book “The Game.” It’s an excellent post on cold reading tips. If you aren’t already using cold reading as part of your game, I highly recommend that start incorporating into your game immediately.

Cold reading your way into AMAZING interactions with women


Eddy and I always made a joke about how stupid things like handwriting analysis, the CUBE, palmreading, strawberry-fields, is like CRACK for chicks.

That why we call it “CHICK-CRACK”.

Women HAVE TO KNOW what kind of stupid things you can tell them about themselves, based on completely RANDOM things. Now, I and Eddy have used this kind of tactics to trick girls to isolation on SEVERAL DIFFERENT occasions, deriving all kinds of things from them in exchange for whatever fake information we were willing to throw at them.


So what is the reasoning behind this???


(Guys, this information is the best out there, and its been there for a very long time since I read ‘The Sexual Key’… and this stuff is the KEY part of it):

As explained in “The Sexual Key”, we men like LINEAR progress, while women like INTERNAL progress.

For example…

MEN are all about…

Goal -> Goal -> Goal -> Accomplishment

“I started my own business.” — “I make more money working 3 hours a day” — “I have more time to pick up chicks.”

THE PAYOFF is the RESULT (“more free time”)


/—–> ——– goal ——> ——— V
^ \ |
| | |
^ accomplishment——/ V
| |
\—goal——-< –goal—-<—-/

“I started my own business…” – “That validates my choices.” — “That displayed me that I truly have the entrepreneurial potential.” — “That made me feel amazing because it showed me more about myself.”

THE PAYOFF is the EMOTION, that resulted from a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF HERSELF, and DISCOVERING HER Unknown/Hidden POTENTIALS (her academic potential)


How to use this knowledge into a GROUP SET?????

Here’s how…

MINI-COLD-READS, cocky and playful, peppered into your SET.

Here are a few examples of mini-cold-reads:

  • “Ooooohhhhh nooooooo…. you guys are trouble
  • “You are trouble”
  • “I don’t know much about you… I have an x-feeling about you…”
  • (When she answers that she is NOT adventurous, you qualify her) “yeah…. you are smart… and you solve mysteries… yeah, you’re quieter…. like Velma from Scoobie Doo…”
  • “You guys are nice ones… I can only hang with you…”
  • “You are crazzzzyyyyy
  • “I can’t just trust you guys”
  • “There’s something suspicious about you going on here… I am not sure what, but I can just feel it”
  • “Okay, I can now trust you guys… you guys are IN… you are trustworthy…”
  • “That is amazzzzzzing….. you’re gonna be my NEW GIRLFRIEND” (after something random, like a line in her palm, or showing you a cool tattoo, or something equally stupid, but is somehow DERIVED from something she showed you…)
  • “you’re the leader”
  • “you guys are total bad-girls”
  • “you guys are like crime-fighters”
  • “Dude, these girls are obviously VERY adventurous”
  • “you guys are A-crowd material” (after she says something cocky to you)
  • “you are my new best friend” (while caveman-ing her… making the link from her letting you grab her, to her being your new best friend… it makes NO SENSE whatsoever, but makes PERFECT sense to HER)
  • “you guys are fiesty… like little Powerpuff girls”



A) X = X

B) “you are carrying a machine gun and have $100,000 in cash in a briefcase = you are probably a bad person”

C) X-characteristic = X-related-quality

D) “This guy’s got a gun and a briefcase… he must be a bad person.”


A) X = Y

B) X-characteristics = Y-unrelated-quality

C) “these girls have a FIESTY look in their eyes… they are BAD girls”

D) you are STUPID girls hanging in a club looking around with a stupid look on your face (that I can SAY I think looks ‘bad’, even though it doesn’t really look like ANYTHING) = you are BAD GIRLS.

Here are more detailed examples of the process:

Ask a random question to a girl. “Do you think Eminem is HOT?”, “Do you think that spells work?”, “Do you think I would look good if I died my hair ALL BLONDE?”, etc, etc, etc…

Regardless of her answer, PLAYFULLY-MISINTERPRET this as proof that she is a “bad girl”.

  • “ooooooo nooooooooooooooo no no….. ooooooooh noooooooooooo… you are totally into Eminem because he’s a total BADASS…. it’s always BADGIRLS that like that…. you’re bad, FOR SURE.”
  • “ooooooh noooooo… my friend with BLONDE HAIR???? oh no, dude DO NOT listen to this girl, SHE IS BAD… look at the smile on her face…. dude, she is FIESTY…. do NOT listen to this girl…”
  • “spells? spells? oh no dude, I just can’t talk to you… you are BAD… guys, this girl is BAD… look at that grin on her face… she knows her stuff… I don’t even KNOW what this girl could be up to…”

SAME THING when you have NOTHING to go on… Just pick a RANDOM quality on her… her smile, her clothes, her aloofness, WHATEVER.

  • “oh man, LOOK at the necklace on her…. oh my god, this girl is FIESTY… she is FLIRTATIOUS… she is ADVENTUROUS… I KNOW girls like this…”
  • “dude, LOOK at this girl… LOOOOOOOK….. see it in her eyes???? She is BAD…”
  • “oh man… LOOK at the tattoo on her arms… oh man, this girl is FIESTY… she is FLIRTATIOUS… she is ADVENTUROUS… I KNOW girls like this…”

How to Use This To Your Advantage In Group Settings

  • Choose the girl you want. If you call her “FIESTY”, then try saying that to her FRIENDS. “This one is FIESTY, isn’t she???” This disarms the friends, which is similar to Mystery’s technique of opening off of the ugliest person in the peer group. You are ADDRESSING the whole group, and you are NOT hitting on the friend in the “normal” way.

Tyler often recalls using this technique to take an HB 8.5 babe right off her DATE (“is she always CRAFTY like this??? does she always do this???? she is FIESTY isn’t she???” to the GUY she was on a date with…. he becomes completely DISARMED, and she is TURNED ON…. a combination that works wonders for you in MANY DIFFERENT ways, simultaneously)

You can also play the “mini-cold-reads” OFF OF each other.

  • “This girl is BAD… you guys are actually the NICE ones (to the obstacles)… I can only hang out with you guys…. you guys are nice and safe… this girl is BAD (to the target)….”

This will get the little obstacles into viewing you as someone nice and DISARMS what you are trying to do to their friend (your target).


Do you want to see some stupid CHICK LOGIC in action? Go and watch those stupid soap-opera-like “Days of our Lives” or “Passions”.

You’ll quickly find that its saturated in STUPID THINGS, like:

  • “Allen slipped DRUGS into Alicia’s drink, WITHOUT HER KNOWING… now she’s a drug addict, and a prostitute… a total BADGIRL… and it’s not her fault!”
  • “Patricia got a fake palm-reading because Janet hired a fake to trick her into thinking that Bo is her true love, and not Ethan… Will Patricia ever really find true happiness?”
  • “Melissa hired a street-thug to SWITCH the paternity tests so that she could be with Jake, even though it’s really not his son… Now Jake will have to be with HER, and Crystal will never fulfil the love that she had with Jake, all because of this terrible trickery!”
  • “Billy got trapped in the snowstorm, and now he can never find his true love with Lucette… could the snowstorm really interfere with them finding the potential of their true love????”

This is what girls are ADDICTED to.

Stupid things like X = Y, which makes NO SENSE whatsoever, except through LEAPS of logic. There has to be SOME logic to it, but since its CHICK-LOGIC, there is actually no SOUNDNESS required.

You can easily come up with these kinds of CRACK FOR CHICKS in the field, by making ILLOGICAL conclusions, that some particularly quality leads to some INTERESTING characteristic about them, and that they weren’t aware of, but maybe had fantasized at some point that they had.

Just pepper it in there, and watch as they CAN’T stop talking to you.

Then, of course, use Mystery Method to EXPLOIT the social proof, isolate, and throw negs, etc.

Or just use it to suck a lone wolf into a conversation, during a street sarge. It’s very useful in many different areas.

Stay chilled,

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