What Makes A Girl Lose Interest In A Guy?

She Get “Bored” and “Lose Interest” in YOU all of a Sudden!

For women, attraction usually takes a while to build, while for men, it takes only a few seconds. A man INSTANTLY becomes attracted to a woman, on the other hand, it might take a while for a woman to become attracted to a man.

The tricky part about woman’s attraction is that the VERY thing that “spiked up” her attraction towards you this week might completely be different from last week. Or perhaps this week the qualities she found so attractive in you have completely changed.

Because of this, a woman getting bored with you doesn’t always have to do anything with you. It’s most likely her work life is stressing her out, or she probably has some emotional issues that she’s dealing with from a past relationship or any other number of other reasons that don’t concern you.

However, I’ve also come to realize that in MANY cases when a girl starts to lose interest in a guy it is because HE is doing something unattractive. The worst part of all this is that often times a woman herself can’t figure out why she is starting to lose interest in a guy.

Just go and ask any of the last women who got bored with you why she lost interest in you all of a sudden, she’ll most probably tell you something along these lines:

“I’m not sure what I am looking for right now…”

Or even more painful:

“I think we should just be friends and take it slow…”

Mistakes That Instantly Kills A Girl Interest In YOU
Mistakes That Instantly Kills A Girl Interest In YOU

I bet this has happened to almost every guy out there on the planet. Things seemed to be going incredibly well with a girl you were dating for a few weeks or months. Maybe you were spending a lot of time with her, or maybe, you were texting her every day, etc., etc. … simply put, there was absolutely no reason to expect something is not right, right?

To the logical mind, of course, there’s no reason, but newly-forming relationships and emotions are anything but rational…

Top Mistakes That Instantly Kills A Girl Interest In YOU

Here are a few things that you could be doing to a girl that could be contributing to her losing interest in you:

1. Seeing her too often, too soon

This usually happens during the initial stages of the dating: you got her number only a week ago, and you’ve already seen her 4 or 5 times a week.

STOP doing it!

Remember the saying “absence makes the heart go fonder?” Consider it to be true. After you’ve gone out on a date or two with her, it’s IMPORTANT that you create some SPACE.

Too much contact too soon will completely ruin the sense of “mystery” and “chase” that is so essential when you start dating a girl. Your job is to keep this feeling of “chase” and “mystery” alive as long as you possibly can. The longer the chase goes on, the more the anticipation will build, and the stronger the attraction will develop between the two of you.

2. Apologizing for EVERYTHING and never standing up for yourself

The reason why I’m so successful in my dating, personal and professional life is that I allow myself to make a lot of mistakes (which is the key part of learning and growing), while I also always own up to it and learn from them. This is the kind of attitude of some of the most successful men that I’ve worked with.

However, there are also many times when I’ve stood for myself when I KNEW it wasn’t my fault. Being able to understand the difference between these situations takes patience, time, and loads of honesty. When it comes to your emotional mindset and dating, being able to know when you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT apologize for something is INCREDIBLY important.

If you are always kissing her feet every time you feel that she might be in a bad mood or be annoyed, you’re NOT displaying to her that you are a confident and emotionally stable man. Instead, you are displaying her that you are needy for her love and affection and that you’ll do ANYTHING to get and keep it.

Some of my most successful dating experiences were when I took a step back and asked myself, “Have I said or done anything that could have generated this type of reaction out from her?”

If the answer is no, then I make myself stand up accordingly. But if the answer is maybe, then I instantly stop dancing around the topic and bring it up with her. If the answer is yes (which takes a lot of honesty and courage), then I admit my fault like a man and if necessary even ask for an apology (but not kneel for her approval) and try to make the situation right.

3. She has become the “centre” of your life rather than just a “compliment” to it

The girl you are dating should NEVER become your entire life. That beautiful chick you started going out on a date just a few weeks ago found you irresistible because of who and what you are SEPARATELY from her. But if she becomes the “centre” of your life, the things that she found so attractive about you quickly starts to disappear — along with her attraction for you.

The sub-conscious (and even the conscious) mind’s desire to make that hot girl the “centre” of your life can manifest itself in many different ways. One of the most self-evident ways is ALWAYS doing what SHE wants to do.

For example, if you let her choose the bar you go to for EVERY date night, you’re displaying to her that you lack the confidence to stand up for yourself and cannot make decisions for yourself.

If you’re seeing her EVERY night of the week, you’re telling her subconsciously telling her it’s okay for her to run your life and schedule.

If you are sending purposeless or “empty” texts all throughout the day and ASKING her to respond, you might as well go and scream in her ears “I’m NEEDY and I AM HUNGRY for your attention!”

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Now I am not saying that you need to make yourself overly hard to get and communicate with (doing this leads to a completely different set of issues), but if you completely eliminate the feeling of “mystery” and “chase” when you start dating a girl, especially during the first few weeks, the experience will instantly stop to become “fun” and “exciting.”

And who wants to be a part of a relationship that isn’t fun and exciting?