What To “Talk” About With Women (And Make Her Fall In Love With You, FAST)

what to talk to a woman to make her your girlfriend

You may use a few seduction tactics to get into a girl’s pants at a bar or a club, but if you want a girlfriend, there will be a point where you really have to open yourself up to her and be real.

In fact, it begins on the first date. If you want a woman to become obsessed about you, then you must make her to “invest” in you first.

You want to make her feel to herself: “I want to be this guy’s girlfriend. I want to be part of his reality.”

So the “worse topics” you can talk about with her on a date is… how horrible the weather is, how rude the people are in your city, or how much you hate your job.

When I was in my early 20s, I used to be a graphic designer and making good money, but to be honest, I wasn’t enjoying my work. So when I was on a date with girls, I would express how bored I was with my life.

Even though I had a cool sports car and had a six pack abs, I would often find myself struggling to get a second date. I used to think “my money” and “my lean body” would “do the trick” for me. But I was wrong thinking like that because I realized later that these things really don’t help you turn a girl you like into a girlfriend.

Then one day I came across the “pickup artist” world. I learned a few killer tips on pickup and started to go out a lot. I started to meet tons of chicks. At that time, I pickup up the idea that my dates would like me if they knew other women wanted me, so I would subtly brag about how other women were into me.

It probably didn’t surprise you at all to learn that it didn’t get me good results with women. Later I learned that women particularly don’t like a “ladies man”… they only like “men who like ladies.” A “ladies man” wants to show others that he is good with women.

On the other hand, a man who loves women simply wants to spend quality time with them and focuses on making them feel unique and special when he’s around them.

So trying to brag other girls that you are a “player” or a “ladies man” shows that you are a “needy” and “insecure”, and… just trying to prove something.

That’s a big no no with women.

It was only after that I learned of the female “obsession story” that I finally realized what really gets a woman obsessed about a guy:

… his VISION…

For a woman to say “I want to be his girlfriend and want to be part of his future”… she has to fall for your “vision.”

Just imagine for a while Steve Jobs going out on a date with a hot chick. Talking about his “vision” for the future of technology. Now, even if he was poor (and he was broke at a couple of times in his life) it would still be so captivating to a woman.

The kind of future she would want to be a part of it. The kind of thing she would imagine helping him turn it into reality.

So I want to ask you… what is your VISION? And most importantly — WHY do you care about it?

It doesn’t really matter if you are not doing anything right now… what matters is that you have a “vision” for your future… and you know your purpose to make it happen… and these two things are driving you forward in your life.

Not just to have a girlfriend to get you out of your “boredom trance”.

There’s a quote I like about manhood and it reads, “A woman wants to be a part of the adventure… not BE the adventure.”

So next time you’re out on a date with a girl, talking about your future… always remember, you must be excited about YOUR future. You must be trying to fulfil YOUR mission, not hers. So make sure to talk about your future with enthusiasm and passion, and she won’t have any other choice to envision herself to be a part of your adventure.

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Stay chilled,

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